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ext_5554: Photo of me with rainbow Pride flag in background and BDSM symbol in foreground (pic#775580)'s Journal

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Birthdate:May 20, 1982
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi! I'm C4bl3Fl4m3 (that's "CableFlame" to you non 1337-speakers). In a sentence, I'm a bi(pan)sexual, gender variant, non-monogamous, kinky, sexually radical, urban, computer & human sexuality & just all around general GEEK (notice the emphasis on geek) that's a size-positive BBW. I'm extremely multi-faceted and I'm very weird (I think in a good way.) When I'm not living with my boyfriend in Toronto, which happens more often than not these days, it seems, I live in Takoma Park MD, a little family-friendly diverse hippy town on the border of Washington DC. Go... check out my interests. They tell more about me than I can here.

I only enter into open relationships. I'm working on making being an adult sexuality educator my viable career.

Interests (141):

2600, activism, adhd, alternative menstrual products, anti-bush, anti-war, aquatic entomology, bawls guarana, bdsm, beethoven, big beautiful women, biking, birth control, bisexuality, bondage, books, bubble tea, calvin & hobbes, cheese, cities, computers, cuddling, curvy women, dancing, daria, dc voting rights, death, desire, doc ock, doctor octopus, doctor who, drag kinging, dream, duct tape, earthbound, eighth doctor, equality, erotic hypnotism, family guy, feminism, ffrp, foreign culture, free food, free form role play, free software, freedom of speech, freeform role play, geek girls, geek guys, geeks, gendo, gendo ikari, gideon graves, girl geeks, giving anal sex, gnu, goggles, hacking, halflife, hippy, homestar runner, house music, humanism, in extremo, indian food, irc, janeway, judaism, katamari damacy, kraftwerk, larp, liberal, linux, live action role play, luis royo, mad scientists, maryland, mass transit, masturbation, metro, morpheus, mountain dew, musicals, nature, new york city, ninth doctor, open source, open source software, orgasm, otto octavius, peace, pegging, philosophy, phreaking, pi, porn, queer, radical faeries, sandman, sarcastic use of leetspeak, scott pilgrim, severus snape, sexuality, shiny things, simpsons, singing, social engineering, spirituality, st: tng, stage combat, star trek: voyager, strongbad, subways, sushi, swimming, syndrome, tardis, team fortress, tenth doctor, the doctor, the endless, the incredibles, the keeper, the master,, thinking, toronto, travel, tux, unitarian universalism, v, v for vendetta, vadding, villains, vintage computers, washington dc, wine, wireless networks, women in technology, yoga, שלום
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