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Birthdate:Feb 4
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Currently this is just my backup for LJ, so there won't be any actual updating here apart from there! I'll let you know if that's going to change.

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm addicted to hoarding fabric, sewing costumes, and music in general, more specifically classic rock (the Rolling Stones/Beatles/Who, for instance).

I like making costumes (hmm, that may be an understatement) and figured here's as good a place as any to inflict it upon the rest of the world. Then I get to geek out over everybody else's sewing as well. I started sewing with 16th century stuff, then got into the 18th century, which is where I am quite happily lodged, surrounded by stays, silk taffeta, and more hats than any college student needs. (Yes, I DO sew other things, I just loves me some 18th century the bestest!) Most of my posts are about my sewing, but the few friends I have who encountered me because of my Old People Music Obsession are very welcome as well! (I have to vent to somebody about my excessive love for these people!)

I leave the majority of my posts unlocked, because, let's be honest, I don't have much interesting enough to be hidden (except for a few personal whinging or ranting posts that most people don't care about anyway)! Feel free to friend me if I look interesting or something. I'll probably friend you back. Please don't be offended if I don't, though; I'm trying keep my f-list manageable.

I also have a costuming blog, so if you're strictly interested in just my sewing (finished products, not really the step-by-step), you can follow that and not have to wade through my ramblings here!
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