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Location:Madrid, Spain

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69 eyes, aaron hotchner, achmed, after forever, albus dumbledore, alexander dumas, alexander the great, allison cameron, alternative metal, anne rice, apocalyptica, art, artemis entreri, arthur/merlin, bellatrix lestrange, beseech, books, bradley james, brian warner, calypso, camelot, cameron/house, chad/ryan, chronicles of narnia, colin morgan, colin/bradley, criminal minds, digital art, disney, dita von teese, dollfie, dragonlance, drizzt do urden, drows, dwarves, elijah wood, elizabeth haydon, elves, entwine, etymology, fanart, fanfiction, forgotten realms, german, glam-rock, gothic-rock, gregory house, grey's anatomy, harry potter, helena bonham carter, hephaestion, hermione granger, hermione/ron, high school musical, him, history, house m.d, house/cameron, ian mckellen, industrial metal, j.k.rowling, j.r.r tolkien, jack sparrow, jack/will, james norrington, jared leto, jason gideon, johnny depp, lady gaga, lestat, literature, liv tyler, lord of the rings, louis, lucas grabeel, lucius malfoy, lucius/severus, marauders, marilyn manson, master and commander, matelotage, medicine, merlin, merlin/arthur, moony, mythology, nicky/lestat, nightwish, ornithology, oscar wilde, padfoot, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, psychology, puppy love, r.a salvatore, raist, raistlin majere, rammstein, ravenclaw, reid/hotch, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rhapsody, rock, severus snape, severus/remus, shakespeare, shock rock, sirius black, sirius/remus, sirius/severus, slash, soundtracks, sparrington, spencer reid, sweeney todd, symphonic metal, the gathering, tim burton, tolkien, turrow, twiggy ramirez, vampire chronicles, vampires, viggo mortensen, ville valo, will turner, within temptation, writing
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