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ext_54463: (Green Deer)

The Flying Blogspot

tales from urban dilettantia

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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:Sunny Perth, Australia
Website:The Flying Blogspot
I am not my job. I am not how much money I have in the bank. I am not the contents of my wallet, although I do find it hilarious that my current employer saw fit to give me a corporate credit card.

I'm giving up on believing that I can predict the shape of the future and learning to enjoy the bumpy ride, instead of pining for the Sunday drive I expected.

I am a cat-loving, game-playing, TV-quoting, financial-modelling, art-making, bird-watching, garden-tending, war-protesting, tech-obsessing, film-geeking, music-listening, bike-riding, book-reading creature and many more creatures besides.
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