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ext_52640: (Ailette)

♦♥♦ Fluttering Feathers ♦♥♦

Because wings aren't just for angels.

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Mmmh... I'm still checking the whole DW thing out, so no real Bio for now, sorry. ;)

Interests (138):

24, 30rock, a history of violence, abofal, alan cumming, alias, andromeda, angel, angel sanctuary, anime, avengers, batman, batman begins, battlestar galactica, bbc, blackadder, books, boston legal, bridget jones, brit comedy, britcoms, brokeback mountain, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, captain america, captain america/iron man, captain britain and mi13, charmed, chuck, clamp, clover, comics, count cain, coupling, criminal minds, csi: ny, dark angel, dead like me, dexter, dharma & greg, doctor who, dollhouse, dr who, dustfinger, dvd, e nomine, eli stone, england, fanfic, fast and furious, fawlty towers, firefly, friends, gilmore girls, goatees, god child, gollum, harry potter, heroes, house, house md, howimetyourmother, inkheart, inkworld, internet, iron man, iron man/captain america, j-pop, j-rock, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, jon stewart, joss whedon, jrr tolkien, lie to me, life on mars, little britain, london, lord of the rings, lost, lost in austen, lotr, love actually, manga, marvel, marvel comics, merlin, movies, musical movies, nana, ncis, new avengers, new doctor who, new excalibur, nip/tuck, pc, pete wisdom, photos, pirates of the caribbean, psych, queer as folk, reaper, rg veda, robert downey jr., robin hood, rps, science fiction, scrubs, serenity, six feet under, slash, smallville, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate: sg-1, stephen colbert, steve rogers/tony stark, steve/tony, superman returns, supernatural, the doctor, the fast and the furious, the master, the one i love, tin man, tokyo babylon, tony stark/steve rogers, tony/steve, torchwood, trust me, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, tv, x 1999, x-day, x-men, x/1999, yonen buzz,
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