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Name:Young Murdered Faery
Website:Shangri-La Rainbow
I was born in a college production of "Merry Wives of Windsor", then murdered during a playwriting workshop presentation. (The work-in-progress was considered by some to be a bad rip-off of "Miss Saigon". I haven’t actually seen said musical, so I can’t comment.) Since I disagreed with this turn of events, I reanimated myself and have been flitting about the Internet ever since, alighting briefly on various things at different times using alternate aliases.

Occasionally I have delusions of being a writer, partially fed by the Honors I received for the creative writing thesis I wrote for my undergraduate honors project. (If my grades had been better, I would have gotten High Honors. ;.;) I also like to brag that my honors project was a fanfic, since I’m not sure how many people out there have done something similar and it seems to surprise people when I mention it. ^_^ Unfortunately, working two jobs for 8 years tends to vacuum one's energy and time, though I have written one or two fanfics in that period. However, I've finally quit one job, so now I can recharge my batteries and attempt to do other things. ^_^ (Whether I succeed is another matter entirely. ^_^a)

Current obsessions include anime/manga; genre fiction (romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery); and computer games. A substantial portion of my icons are from the tv anime "Gensomaden Saiyuki", licensed by ADV—who released volume 1 in the last week of April 2003. Yay! ^_^ My favorite character? Genjo Sanzo, a cigarette-smoking, booze-drinking, gun-toting monk who, if you got in his way, would kick your ass and smile.

(Cutting and pasting never gets old.)
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