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Birthdate:Jul 27
Location:United States of America

Staringiscaring is the username of a young woman named Sami who watches too much TV, reads too much genre, and writes too much fanfiction. She writes primarily in the Whedonverse and Spartacus: Blood and Sand, but has written Harry Potter, Supernatural Veronica Mars, Tru Calling, Hex and more fanfiction. She can be bit of a multifandom butterfly.

Legalese ~
I'm not making a profit from my fan creations nor do I seek monetary gain. The copyright and ownership belongs to Joss Whedon, Hart Hanson, J.K. Rowling, Steven DeKnight, and various Hollywood people who are definitely not me. Some of my fanfiction has mature themes, violence, strong language, and sexual situations so I would appreciate it if younger readers steered clear of fic inappropriate for their ages. I do not take responsibility for children who ignore the clearly marked ratings. If you're anything under eighteen then please don't read the adult stuff because it will weird me out and make me very uncomfortable. As always, I write fiction and please, don't try any of this at home.
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