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I'm a writer of indie dark/lyrical/mythic/transgressive fiction & a computer programmer. I've been doing both those things for over 25 years. I compose music as well, and every now & then I even get the urge to draw. Apart from the writing & programming, I've also worked as an audio engineer doing front of house for a number of Melbourne venues during the mid 90s, as a graphic designer and as a Certified Apple Sales rep, but now I manage Lost Violet Press, a micro indie fiction publisher, still in its infancy. Born in Ballarat, found my voice on the edge of a razorblade in Melbourne; these days I reside in a place that is renowned for being the most boring city in the world.

My stories have been described as dark, poetic, beautiful & depressing. There's not a lot of
action and the focus tends more toward emotions & laying bare a character's essence.

In many ways, I have a DIY attitude to creative expression.
I suspect it comes from 'growing up' around people who create things
as part of their life anyway
& so these things are just what you do because it's fun or an imperative.
Knowing/learning how to fit everything together yourself,
being self-reliant, understanding the whole process,
& making such a direct kind of connection with your readers;
these are the kind of things that drive me in those areas.
Plus I'm an only child with a natural tendency towards megalomania. ;}

Interests (132):

absinthe, alienation, angst, art, autumn, avant pulp fiction, beautiful self destruction, benjamin linus, bisexuality, black books, changelings, charlie and lola, chrono trigger, cyberpunk, dark fae, dark fiction, dark romance, dark romanticism, darkfic, darkwave, david bowie, diy media, diy publishing, doctor who, doctor/master, drabbles, dreams, dusk, e.r. eddison, editing, elegant gothic lolita, erotic fiction, experimental narrative, faerytales, fallen angels, femmeslash, ferns, fiction, forbidden love, freedom of speech, george macdonald, gnosticism, homoerotic fiction, hypertext fiction, independent publishing, insanity, interactive fiction, jeff noon, lexx, life on mars, lilies, literature, lost, lost violet press, lyrical fiction, madness, magical realism, malice mizer, melancholia, melbourne, mermaids, michael emerson, mist, my white rose, mythology, naiads, neon genesis evangelion, new media, new romantics, night, nightmares, novel writing, occult, odin, ophelia, orchids, orchidveil, original fiction, original slash, performance writing, philip k. dick, playwriting, poetic fiction, pre-raphaelites, programming, prose poems, prose poetry, publishing, quantum computing, quantum physics, quetzalcoatl, rapunzel, ravens, rebirth, retrofuturism, romana, romanticism, rusalka, sadness, screenwriting, script writing, sea shells, shapeshifting, slash, small press publishing, solitude, sorrow, speculative fiction, spirit of place, steampunk, swan maidens, tezcatlipoca, the dreaming sea, the muse, theta/koschei, time anomalies, time lords, time travel, trapdoor, truth, victorian era, web design, web serials, werewolves, western victoria, wildlings, winged things, winter, wolves, world creation, writing, zines
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