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this is new.

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Hi there.

Interests (150):

80s music, ;), a fire inside, a perfect circle, a random interest, afi, alkaline trio,, amp, avoiding the real world, being a ninja, being at home, ben folds, ben folds five, bettie page, bjork, black, blur, books, bpal, britpop, buying too many cds, chomsky sauron, christina ricci, crushing the weak, dan snow, dandy warhols, darth vader, dave gorman, deathboy, depeche mode, doctor who, donnie darko, duran duran, durian, east bay gothcore, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, eyes, feeder, glassjaw, glitter, goth, gothpunk, grant nicholas, green day, grey, hair dye, halloween, hardcore, hellblazer, hello kitty, helm's deep throat, hermits, high fidelity, horror, hunter revenge, idlewild, indie, isildur's secret, jay and silent bob, jeff buckley, junjk, lexx, london, lord of the rings, lotr, manic street preachers, marmite, massive attack, matt skiba, mespt, mindbreaking stuff, monica bellucci, mordor pizza express, muse, music, my so called life, nail varnish, naked in mordor game, naptime, neil gaiman, never going out, new romantics, nirvana, not sharing this interest, orange, pandas, peace one day, pi, pitchblend, pixie-who-can-drive, pj harvey, placebo, plotting evilly, polyester, poor dead spoiler, prince, pumpkin ribbons, punk, punkachu, pvc, quantum leap, radiohead, reading, rock, rootbeer, sci-fi, science fiction, seaquest, silmarillion the musical, silverchair, sleep, smashing pumpkins, smashing uruk-hai, social cost, sockpuppets, son of sam, sons of gondor, space archaeology, space: above and beyond, sporks, star trek, star wars, sunshine, tattoos, tea, the crow, the cure, the matrix, the middle-earth sockpuppet players, the neverending story, the rachel army, the smell of rain, the smiths, tolkien, trivia, twelve monkeys, ulmo in furs, vanilla coke, vast, velvet goldmine, watford, weird food combinations, whrrrr, wigs, woog, world domination, xfm, yoda = wookiee-penis-warmer
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