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Defining me
live in the south of the UK,know FAR too many in movie references ,female,36(how that happen?)going on 14 :) and i am addicited to my tv shows especially sci fi.

My earliest memory is being fascinated by the characters and Gort from The Day the Earth stood still -hence my name :)

I blame it all on my dad who would try to explan the science behind the science fiction -mostly badly and inaccuratly but hey, always funny to listen to :) .

Soo a life of explaining to others what science ficiton is.
Followed my dream of becoming a propmaker for movies, got my name in those shiny lights before Real life dictated time to have regular money coming in

skip to the end ..found Stargate Atlantis when training for my new job and i am sooo very hooked.i found LJ and fan ficiton -wow mcshep! -shortly after

Interests (1):

sga fic- but i love a good story
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