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ext_3634: Ann Panagulias in the Bob Mackie gown I want  (lulu - solo)'s Journal

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[090331 - to be revised]

Who am I? That depends on where you know me from.

For Family, I'm the one who went away and didn't come back, but I am in touch.
Some railfans (SF historic, anyway) remember me as one of the trolley pups, others, I am a Market St Rwy volunteer.
There are still people who remember me as the Evil Bookkeeper or PK from Grand Central.
For the SF Opera family (general sense), I am a serious fan, who sometimes throws flowers and is often at the stage door.
For the SF Ballet family, ditto, will travel far to attend.
For the people at Ebisu, I am one of the Regulars, if not The Regular.
For my co-workers at the San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), I am a knowledgable, helpful and competent operator.
For my riders, I range from the Bestest and Nicest Operator to That Long-haired Asshole to the Worst Driver on the Planet.
In Fandom (mostly Bujold), I am, I think mostly considered a useful person.

Feel free to send me corrections.
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