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ext_36052: (Me - 2009)'s Journal

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Given that you've stumbled over this direction, I suppose I could tell you a little about myself.

Hi, I'm Callie. Age 30, married, one preteen daughter (often referred to as C), one small black cat named Poe. I have recently returned to the Dayton area after 6 years and multiple military-related moves. I have a background in Biology: career experience in the microbiology department of an international pharmaceuticals company and some undergraduate work on a biotech degree (which I hope to complete at some point. Life gets in the way sometimes). I like science, and you should, too.

I'm quiet. I don't speak up nearly as often as I should, or as much as I want to. I have dreams and illusions of grandeur. I have a mad desire to be as cynical and witty as Janeane Garofalo. I spend most of my free time listening to music while studying, reading blogs, playing video games, or whatever book has captured my attention for the week.

Interests (140):

abnormal psychology, amduscia, androgyny, astronomy, badtz maru, ball pythons, barack obama, bauhaus, beth orton, biopsychology, black cashmere, black phoenix alchemy lab, blue confabulation, books, butterflower, calla lilies, candles, cats, chemlab, cloud art, combichrist, corsetry, current 93, dante, darkwave, dayton, de/vision, depeche mode, dido, digital gunfire, dj scandy, dot allison, dresden dolls, earth sciences, electronica, emily strange, emotional sadomasochism, enigma, environmental protection, environmental science, equal rights, eyeliner, fate, fire, fishnets, frank lloyd wright, funker vogt, fuzzy leopard print, gary numan, gay marriage, gaz, gloomcookie, gossamer, gypsy 83, honesty, hoops and yoyo, house md, hugh laurie, human rights, human rights campaign, hungry lucy, icon of coil, invader zim, izabella miko, janeane garofalo, kate moennig, katherine moennig, kittens, lenore, liberal politics, lilies, london, loreena mckennitt, love spirals downwards, lunascape, mao, mary louise parker, mc escher, metropolis records, mst3k, neil gaiman, neuropsychology, npr, office supplies, ohio, orchids, periodic table of elements, personal evolution, peter murphy, phi theta kappa, portishead, pro-choice, psychology, purple, rain, rasputina, razed in black, red vs blue, road trips, robert smith, rock star parking, rosetta stone, sarah mclachlan, science, seabound, siouxsie sioux, sisters of mercy, snake river conspiracy, snow, stars, switchblade symphony, synchronicity, temple of misery, the cure, the endless, the endparty, the faint, the l word, the mission, the sandman, the seven sisters, the shroud, the unknowne, the wake, the west wing, thoushaltnot, thrift stores, tiger lilies, tornadoes, travel, tsottc, unter null, vinyl, violent thunderstorms, visual audio sensory theater, voltaire, winter sunrises, wombabes, wombats, writhe and shine
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