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If your reading this then you've either come here by mistake, or for some exceedingly strange reason you actually want to know a little something about me *looks slightly shocked*.

And if that is the case then here ya' go...

...I like the colour blue, and can frequently be found in some dark and disturbed corner of the net lusting unashamedly after the bodies of both Jensen Ackles & Tom Welling. Or obsessing somewhere about the current season/s of Smallville.

Once in a very long while, I attempt to write fanfic. This is usually done very badly, but thankfully not very often. I do however really enjoy making graphics of any type. And you'll find a fair amount of these dotted around this journal.

I'm not a very prolific poster, although I do try and update at least once a week {or yearly *sigh*}. I read alot, and all the time. And I'll read just about anything, whether it be fanfiction, regular fiction, factual, meta, history books, art books and because of roonblah I'm tempted to start reading some of those 'creative/screenplay writing' books she's always telling us about.

Although I'm currently going through a serious DC Comics addiction phase at the moment.

I love history, archeology, and some of the more interesting natural sciences.

And I consider sarcasm to be one of the universes greatest gifts.

I daydream and procrastinate ALOT. So much so that I have my own personal Procrastination Fairy. (I call her Bob, she calls me Bitch. Its a hate-hate relationship).

Slightly sarcastic, completley idiotic and given to huge amounts of procrastination , and that's pretty much me in a nutshell people. Of course according to my family that should be me in a nuthouse, but that's a whole other story folks. ;)

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