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Birthdate:May 20, 1980
Website:Loes Valthen
I discovered fanfiction in 95, slash in 98, and have been writing LotR slash since 2003 - my favourite pairing is Glorfindel/Legolas, but I can be tempted with anything that has elves in it.
It is hard to squick me - I read/write BDSM, d/s, non-con, mpreg as well as fluff. Basically, I'll give anything a chance as long as it is well-written; I like mature stories with elves behaving like adults and not like jealous, insecure teenagers. That holds true for most of my other fandoms as well, unless these fandoms <i>are</i> about teenagers. ;)

While LotR fandom is my One True Love, I also read fanfic in many other fandoms like HP, and every now and then I am tempted to write a story in smaller, literary fandoms. I'm an avid reader of fantasy novels, especially those that also feature m/m pairings like the books of Ellen Kushner, Fiona Patton, Judith Tarr, Jacqueline Carey, Lynn Flewelling and so on.

There is no need to ask if you can friend me, please feel free to! All my stories and fandom-related entries are unlocked. I do not automatically friend back as my friendslist is already rather huge and unwieldy, though if we share the same fandoms/interests I will most often do so.

You can find my stories at my website <a href="">Loes Valthen</a> (Golden Tresses), there you will also find fanart to go with my fics and scanned doujinshi (fan comics) featuring Tolkien's characters.
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