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Name:Lu Hallulat
Birthdate:Nov 4, 1985
Location:Utah, United States of America
Website:Lu Fic
Elucreh, Lu.

Fanatical fangirl, originally mainly an HP nut but now most obsessed with bandom; it's true that nobody ships Panic like Panic ships Panic, but I come damn close. I'm also fathoms deep in love with Greta Salpeter, and Zack Hall's biggest fan. ^_^ I'm still watching and loving Supernatural, though the only fic I read now is J2. Favorite book series are Harry Dresden and Discworld, although my favorite tiny book fandom is Korman.

Writer of fanfic (, shipper of many ships, occasional meta-poster, decent beta, sometime roleplayer. Constant, far too organised reccer (

Hufflepuff Prefect of the Successful Insurrectionist Hogwarts; Lupin fangirl, Snape fanatic, Molly incarnate, Luna channeler.

Shipper of the Wincest and the J-squared, the McShep and the SGA OT4.

IRL? Preschool teacher, Human Rights supporter, reclusive but loyal friend, support guru.

I have little patience for intolerants, lots for obsessives. I like wit, humourous attitudes toward life, and randomness. I'm snarksexual, I tend to be attracted to middle-aged people, and men who wear glasses have a head start with me.

This is my space, and I say what I choose...if I offend you, let me know how and I may or may not do it again, depending on whether I feel I was right in doing so. I frequently friend random people whose journals I find amusing; I do not automatically friend back because I don't keep track of that list. On the other hand, unless I know you personally, I probably won't notice if you defriend me.

I am, in case you're checking, over age.
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