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ext_30962: lurking worm Smaug (lurking worm Smaug)'s Journal

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Website:A Can of Worms
Hmmm..let's say I was born in an ordinary boring way...grew up (somewhat, I guess this is debatable), picking up some annoying habits, hobbies and a job or two on the way...and here I am. Where 'here' is is of course also subjective...but, to cut a long story short, for a living I try to provide means for keeping other people's pets in good working order and for fun - keep my own pets, read a lot and lurk in interesting places on the 'net ...rarely, even happen to write silliness. Sometimes, I bitch...but that I usually do in real life:) Additional warnings should probably include my being of liberal, slashy, finno-ugric, curious and snarky disposition. Enter at your own risk.
I'm calime33 on Livejournal, calime on Insanejournal and Journalfen.

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