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ext_2998: Skull and stupid bones (Stupidity is my co-pilot)

Failure to communicate

I guess I’m pretty tough to deal with, huh? A hard case

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Birthdate:Mar 10
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Sociology graduate student; just finishing my M.A. (Spring 2009) and about to start my PhD. I used to write fanfic and meta (a lot) but now I spend all my time writing academically instead. On the good side, most of my academic work has been about fans (hooray for merging fun and work)!

M.A. Research Paper: Games and Gamers: Adult Female Gamers and Identity Display

My dissertation is going to be about intersectionality in fan communities. I think. If my committee doesn't freak out on me.

So consider me your old school fandom lurker, until I have energy again.

Interests (146):

alaskan malamutes, american realism, anime, artemis fowl, arthur, audrey hepburn, batman beyond, berserk, bibliophiles, big bands, billie holiday, black humor, blackadder, bleach, books, cats, children's literature, christian bale, chronicles of riddick, classic movies, coffee, colin firth, cool hand luke, dead alive, death to all idiots, death to soulbonds, diana wynne jones, eric bana, eric szmanda, evil dead, evil dumb, ewan mcgregor, fairy tales, far side, fighting, firefly, fishing, fitz/fool, gawaine, george rr martin, gilgamesh, gon/killua, guilty gear, harry potter, hermits, highlander, hiking, history, hitchcock, humphrey bogart, hunter x hunter, iggy pop, indigo girls, infinite ryvius, invader zim, ivan vorpatril, jake 2.0, jane eyre, jet li, john constantine, john wilmot, king mob, king of fighters, kyra/vaako, lasagna, lois mcmaster bujold, luna lovegood, luna/harry, lunar, malory, manga, mark dacascos, merlin, metal gear, methos, michael marshall smith, michelle yeoh, modern american poetry, monty python, myrna loy, mythology, naruto, nasty bastards, neil gaiman, palindromes, peter jackson, pina coladas, pirates, pitch black, pomo vs dada deathmatch, pride and prejudice, rapelling, remus lupin, riddick, riddick/jack, ritzer vs weber deathmatch, robert redford, robin hobb, sam raimi, sandman, sarcasm, seth green, seung mina, severus snape, sg-1, sga, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, simon r. green, sirius black, slash, slivovitz, snake-launching snape, soul calibur, spaghetti, sporks, strawberry daiquiris, subtle writing, suikoden, susan cooper, tai chi, terry pratchett, the cure, the filth, the invisibles, the philadelphia story, the tea party, the thin man, theater, they might be giants, third shift, touching evil, ursula k. leguin, vaako, vaako/dame vaako, victorian literature, video games, wankery, wenchery, white stripes, wilke collins, william gibson, world annihilation, writing, x-men: evolution, xxxholic
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