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Location:Oregon, United States of America
I'm a married woman in my early 30s. On and off growing up I've tried to keep a diary, but I've *never* kept up with it - at least not until I found LJ in Sept 2002. I first started with LJ a place to keep up with the excitement that was the NSYNC fandom.

Now, my journal is a place for me to write about life, things I'm going through/thinking about... but also a place to share my sewing creations, and communicate & keep in touch with friends (many/most of whom I met through the nsync fandom). :D And occasionally post about frustrating days at work (I'm an accountant).

I'm privacy conscious and keep my real-life name and real-life email account(s) under wraps. I've been known to reveal these, but usually only to folks I met in person. If you know my real name/identity, *please* do not use that here (in a private message is fine, a comment in my journal is not).

I lock posts that have sensitive & personally identifying information/details.
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