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Summing myself up in one of these things is always intimidating for me. What do I say? That I'm married? I have a child? I read books? Can I really be summed up like that? I'm sure at some point I'll come up with some clever witty something and put it here but really, is it that important?

Interests (108):

acoustic guitar, almost spiced anything, amvamp, anti-furry, anti-yiff, apples in my salad, art, attempts at decent parenting, bad movies, bass, beer, beer indians, bethesda softworks, big chunky shoes, black and white photographs, black panties, blankets, blowjobs, boobs, books, bottle caps, breaking the law, bullshit, camping, cast iron, chococat, chopsticks, conflict, conspiracy theories, cooking, cranberries, creepy people, cuddles, dairy, deviant behavior, dexter, dr. pepper, e-stalkers, fairy tales, fiction, finger puppets, freaks, free porn, getting rid of furries, girls, goblin armies, guinness, historical fiction, history, horror movies, hot nasty anal sex, i_love_freddie, intelligence, interesting people, kadaitcha dancers, kissing, kookabura, legos, live shows, mangos, masturbation, math, meat, monkeys, morrowind, multiple orgasms, noodles, oblivion, old things, paddle brushes, perverts, philliam, pigtails, plaid skirts, porcine products, real food, research papers, scars, school, schoolgirls in uniforms, science, sex, shiny stuff, sluggy, sockpuppets, sodomy, soup, sunshine, sushi, swimming, tan lines, tea, tea cups, tea pots, tentacles, the crimson cow, the elder scrolls, the murkwood, the spider forest, things that go bump, thrift stores, tin foil hat theories, turtles, video games, vintage kitchenware, white undershirts, ye olde drinking spot, zesty sweater meat
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