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ext_23640: (dinosaur)

as long as I'm around nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

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I have to admit, I'm a little dismayed at this whole 'no HTML' thing.

Interests (76):

"phyyyyyyysics. physics! physics.", adamo fuck yeah, arthur/merlin, asexuality, astronomy, being erica, being human, biophysics, bowie circa 1970, boyd holbrook, brilliant!, british comedy, chuck, cillian murphy, coffee prince, cole mohr's tattoos, danila in a corset, dean/castiel, discworld, doctor who, eddie redmayne, evolution, fyodor dostoevsky, gary oldman, gaspard ulliel, gemma ward, getting up before the sun, good omens, guns n' roses pre-lame-comeback, hal is a delicate flower, harry potter, harry/draco, havemercy, heroes, house, it's called motherfucking sensitivity training, kiss him you fool, libertarianism and socialism, life on mars, merlin, misha collins, models if they're ~unique~, most types of poetry, my life is incredibly boring, my spelling-skills slowly decaying, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, one-sided conversations, oscar wilde, patrick wolf, pirates of the caribbean, pure-hearted egoists, queer as folk, quite interesting, quiz shows with no prizes, regina spektor, remus/sirius, rufus wainwright, skins, snow leopards, speaking 58 languages lmfao, star trek, stephen campbell moore, supernatural, supposedly devonshire, symbolism, tea as a cure-all, the apocalypse, the bbc (&less-frequently channel4), the big bang theory, the history boys, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the office, time travel, torchwood
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