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ext_23500: The BBC's logo with a ribbon of colours behind it (BBC is > Everything. It is love)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jul 9
Location:Texas, United States of America

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age of sail, alan davies, alternate history, alternate universes, anglo-saxon, antarctica, anthropology, architecture, beauty and the beast, beowulf, bill nighy, books, bookstores, britgeeksexgod, bruno and boots, bubble wrap monsters, cheese, children's lit, chris van allsburg, david mccallum, diana wynne jones, diane duane, discworld, doctor who, dragons, dvds, eight, ender's game, england, english, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, filmmaking, firefly, good omens, google, gpgc, grendel's mom, harry dresden, harry potter, hebrides, history, horatio hornblower, house, hugh laurie, jane austen, japanese, jonathan creek, king arthur, knitting, latin, life on mars, linguistics, living in windmills, lois mcmaster bujold, long stripy socks, lotr, love actually, master and commander, mcmurdo station, merlin, mirrormask, monty python, muppets, museums, musicals, mystery, narnia, neil gaiman, old english, origami, oxford, paul mcgann, phantom of the opera, pocketwatches, polar exploration, pride and prejudice, princess mononoke, quite interesting, reading, reading rainbow, ross island, scarves, school house rock, sesame street, seven, sherlock holmes, sir ernest shackleton, slash, snape, space opera, spock, sprited away, steampunk, stephen fry, supernatural, tanya huff, taylor mali, terry pratchett, the dark crystal, the dark is rising, the exeter book, the oxford comma, time and space, time travel, two, unresolved sexual tension, urban fantasy, vampires, wikipedia, william bush, wishbone, witty banter, zombies, æ, þ
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