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ext_21969: (don't teach him to be all classist)'s Journal

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I'm not crazy, I'm just in law school!

Random factoids:
1. I can say the phrase, "I am wearing my unfortunate pants," in seven languages [English (obv.), Latin, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and German]. This makes me a real hit at all the polyglot parties.
2. I have played the cello for twelve years. [Continuously! Joke.]
3. I will attempt to cook just about anything, unless it involves phyllo dough. [I had a bad experience.]

If you wanna know something more specific, shoot. For the record, pretty much everything I write is of absolutely no consequence and probably (at the moment) related to Battlestar Galactica. I have to be mature and responsible everywhere except this tiny corner of the internet. So. Go go gadget fangirl! &c.

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