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ext_20628: From Best Movie Ever, Hard Core Logo (HCL GIT-AH!!)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jun 23

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abandoned warehouse theater, adult swim, alcohol, animal rescue, animal welfare, animals, aqua teen hunger force, art, australia, backrubs, billy zane, blue skies, brak, brian regan, broadway, buddays, caffeine, cats, coffee, comedy central, correlli, countdown with keith olbermann, craig ferguson, crocodile hunter, deborra-lee furness, diners, dogma, dogs, dory, driving, epee fencing, eric mccormack, erskineville kings, ewan mcgregor, faith no more, family guy, fanfic, felines, fireplaces, flirting, flushed away, footrubs, go team venture!, guns n roses, happy feet, hard core logo, honesty, hugh jackman, hugs, jacuzzis, jay and silent bob, jim norton, jon stewart, journalfen, just keep swimming, kate & leopold, kids in the hall, kissing, kung pow, landspeed, laughing, liar liar, liev schreiber, long warm baths, love, massages, maura tierney, meta, monty python, msnbc, naked men, nbc, neil diamond, new york city, opie & anthony, orgasms, paperback hero, peter allen, pets, photography, poetry, procrastinating, punk, rachel maddow, reading, rescue me, robert downey jr., robot chicken, rocky horror, romance, ron & fez, rpgs, scoop, scrubs, sex, shakespeare in the park, shame, simpsons, slash, sleeping, snow, snuggling, someone like you, space ghost, starbucks vanilla lattes, steve irwin, stone temple pilots, stroke awareness, strokes, swordfish, text messaging, the boy from oz, the colbert report, the daily show, the fountain, the misfits, the monkees, the ocean, the police, the prestige, the state, the titanic, the tourist, the yankees, thunderstorms, tigger dolls, toyota corollas, van helsing, venture brothers, weird al yankovic, weird nj, wildlife, wolverine, working out, writing, x-men, x2, x3, xm radio, zach braff, zoolander
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