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I'm a Wisco transplant from Missouri.
Don't ask why I came here. It's complicated.

I've been unlucky in love. You can read all about it.
There's more there than you ever wanted to know. Not that you did....

I'd like to go back to college. Don't see it happening, though.

All work and no play make P/D a dull boy, indeed.

Find me....

Please note that this is the journal of a gay male. I have a filter for entries that deal with my sex life, but sometimes those issues spill out into the rest of my life, and I will write a friends-locked entry. Nothing questionable will ever be public, and my entire journal is 14+ for adult concepts. Please take a moment to consider what that means.

Just because I friend you and want to follow your journal, doesn't mean you have to reciprocate. If any of my interests or issues are potentially offensive to or uncomfortable for you, don't add me back.

Otherwise, I will have to assume that you're able to deal with whatever I might write, as long as it's behind a cut so you can choose whether to read it. I am trying to be considerate, but this is first and foremost MY journal, and I have the right to write about whatever is going on with me at that time.

Interests (147):

absolutely fabulous, adult swim, alternative, alternative music, angel, anime, annie lennox, babylon 5, bara, batman, bbc, bears, ben folds, ben folds five, bicycling, bleach, body hair, books, brit-pop, brit-rock, british sci-fi, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoon network, cellular phones, champions online, charles bukowski, chicago, coffee, coldplay, comic books, comics, computers, concerts, dc comics, death cab for cutie, dido, diesel sweeties, dining out, doctor who, electronic, eliza dushku, everything but the girl, facial hair, fantasy, fefe dobson, final fantasy, final fantasy xi, final fantasy xiv, foo fighters, gaming, gay, gay bears, geeks, gel pens, girl genius, golden sun, gunnerkrigg court, hip-hop, house md, ice skating, image, ina garten, indie, indie films, internet, j!nx, j-pop, j-rock, japanese music, jazz, justice league, k-pop, karaoke, keane, linkin park, live music, livejournal, louis ck, lunar, manga, marvel, menage a 3, metal gear solid, milwaukee, mmorpgs, morrissey, muse, music, nina simone, oh no they didn’t, pancakes, penny arcade, persona, phantasy star, pizza, pj harvey, poetry, porn, portland, ps3, psychology, questionable content, r&b, r.e.m, radiohead, rap, ratatat, reading, recipes, rock, role playing games, role-playing games, rollerblading, rpgs, rufus wainwright, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, school supplies, sci-fi, science fiction, seattle, shin megami tensei, sorcery 101, spider-man, star trek, stir-fry, strong females, strongbow hard cider, summerfest, sushi, teen titans, the boondocks, the smiths, torchwood, tori amos, travel, twitter, venture brothers, video games, washington dc, webcomics, x-men, xavier/magneto, xbox 360, xkcd, yeah yeah yeah's, youtube
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