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of a curmudgeon

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Retired radio circuit design engineer and computer programmer.

Interests (123):

animation, arrhythmias, art deco, astronomy, atrial fibrillation, books, bradycardia, bryce 3d, c, cajun music, canon eos-20d, cardiac catherization, cardiomegaly, cardiomyopathy, cerulean blue, chf, chronic heart failure, circuit design, classical music, coffee, computers, congestive heart failure, david weber, defibrillators, desert quiet, digital art, digital video editing, diskworld, doctor who, drawing, dune, dwight eisenhower, echocardiogram, ejection fraction, ekg, electronics, elizabeth moon, familias, family, figure drawing, figure painting, freecell, freedom, full moons, gothic fiction, graphic arts, graphic design, ham radio, heart cath, heart catherization, heart condition, heart disease, heart failure, heart problems, heinlein, hiking, hitchhiker's guide, humanism, idcm, idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, j. r. r. tolkien, jefferson airplane, jeffersonian democracy, jerry pournelle, jimmy carter, john f. kennedy, landscapes, libertarianism, ljmaps, ljmaps_crustycurmudgeo, lois mcmaster bujold, manticore, math, mercedes lackey, microcontroller programming, midwest, moho, monty python, mountains, movies, mp4, mush games, music, nonlinear optimization, npr, opengl, pacemakers, paint shop pro, paintshop pro, pern, pernmush, physics, pictures, prairies, psp, public radio, radio, rivers, robert a. heinlein, science, science fiction, speakfreely, star trek, starry skies, stouts, sunrises, sunsets, tachycardia, technology, the moody blues, the sixties, thomas jefferson, tim burton, tortall, travel, valdemar, video editing, video production, western swing, wildflowers, wildlife, xvid, young adult fiction
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