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Abbi. 26, can't keep up with myself. From London. Fervent Arsenal & Chelsea supporter, both equally, both always, just born that way. Living in Wales because I can't afford to live in London, and they seem to be rebuilding Cardiff to suit us. Work entirely online in the miracle of the modern world. This is good, for I'm appalling at desk-bound jobs and dealing with the business hierarchy. Philosophy graduate.

Studied in Finland, regularly impose myself on Stockholm, terribly in love with all things blonde and Nordic, especially when they can drive fast. Trying to learn Swedish, having trouble with noun groups.

Watch an awful lot of TV, from Neighbours to Lost. As if there were a great distance between them.

Interests (150):

24, adrian veidt, aik, alberto gilardino, alessandro del piero, american beauty, american psycho, andriy shevchenko, angelina jolie, angels of the universe, arcade fire, arsenal, battle royale, benjamin linus, blade runner, bloodplay, boondock saints, bring it on, buffy, cesc, chang chang solar pig, chelsea, chris moyles, christian bale, dandy warhols, daniel agger, daniel craig, danish, dean winchester, diet coke, dimitar berbatov, doctor who, drew barrymore, ed norton, eddie izzard, eidur gudjohnsen, f1, fat weasel, fight club, final fantasy, football, freddie ljungberg, fruits, gary oldman, going to the gym, heikki kovalainen, helsinki, heroes, how i met your mother, icebat, iron man, j-rock, jack bauer, jalkapallo, james franco, japanese literature, jeff buckley, jeppe, jeremy clarkson, jiri jarosik, joe orton, john terry, johnny depp, jonas malmsjö, jose mourinho, jude law, kasper schmeichel, kiefer sutherland, kierkegaard, kill bill, kimi räikkönen, kinky bastardism, knives, languages, leather jackets, leon, lille nørd, london, lord of the rings, lost, madonna, mansun, manuel almunia, markus rosenberg, master and commander, maxim kalinichenko, menthol cigarettes, metallica, mikael forssell, mishima, miyazaki, monty python, mulholland drive, murakami, muse, my chemical romance, neil patrick harris, neon genesis evangelion, nietzsche, niko kranjcar, nuno morais, one footed transvestite pigeons, patrick wolf, paul bettany, paulo ferreira, phasmid, philippe senderos, pippin, qaf, radio four, raging bull, rasmus würtz, reino nordin, reservoir dogs, rikku, robert downey jr, russian, sami hyypiä, sean bean, serie a, sharpe, sigur ros, spaced, spirited away, steampunk, stephen fry, stephen maturin, stockholm, stuart pearce, suede, supernatural, sweatspitchocolate, swedish, taxi driver, the archers, the libertines, the olympics, the west wing, thierry henry, thunderstorms, top gear, totoro, vanilla sky, velvet goldmine, venison, warm things, watchmen, whisky, withnail & i, x japan
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