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ext_14659: (Kate)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jan 20
Location:Tennessee, United States of America

Interests (136):

100x100, 1984, abby sciuto, abby/gibbs, ad/hd, add, adhd, adult ad/hd, adult add, adult adhd, alyson hannigan, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, anthony stewart head, anti-fascist, ari haswari, art, attention deficit disorder, b/g, babylon, barack obama, barack/america, bdsm, belgariad, books, btvs, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, bush lies, cats, changelings, chaos, claire fraser, comics, constitution, d&d, david eddings, democrat, democrats, diana gabaldon, ducky mallard, dungeons and dragons, elves, fanfiction, first amendment, freedom from censorship, freedom from religion, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gabby, gibbs/abby, gibbs/kate, giles, glbt, harry potter, hollis mann, i'd ship it, immigration, impeach bush, impeach cheney, indigo girls, innana, iraq, ishara, ishtar, jamie fraser, kabuki, kate todd, kate/ari, kate/gibbs, kibbs, kid rock, leroy jethro gibbs, liberal politics, linkin park, magic, magick, making icons, mary sues, melissa etheridge, mercedes lackey, middle tennessee state university, mornington crescent, mtsu, murfreesboro, music, nashville, navy ncis, ncis, news, olidammara, original characters, orwell, pagan, paganism, penny and aggie, photography, politics, porn, porn is not illegal, pride, pro-freedom, queen of wands, reading, right to privacy, sarah michelle gellar, sims, sims 2, socialized medicine, sock puppets, something positive, sunnydale, terrorism, terry pratchett, the 80's, the clash, the constitution, the sims, the sims 2, thinking, tim mcgee, tony dinozzo, toyota, toyota yaris, vampires, wicca, willow, witch, witchcraft, witches, writing, xander, yaris, ziva david
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