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ext_14419: the mouse that wants Arthur's brain (eor tea hitchhikers guide)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Aug 11
Location:Maine, United States of America
Website:Derien Nada
I guess I can't post with this account, so all I want to say I must say in this box.

I'm having trouble with the Directory Search function. The first time I used it I could search on location, but the next time I tried "Location" was still there as a header but there were no entry fields below it. Anyone know why this should be or what I should do about it?

I generally call myself a woman, though many people call me a male with breasts. I was born with female parts and still have them, but my brain seems more male to most people, I guess. :) I'm bisexual and polyamorous and love to read about guys in gay relationships. I'm in what I guess would be called by most people viewing it a heterosexual relationship which is functionally monogamous at this time, though our intention has always been to keep our minds open to the possibility of finding another woman... the right woman just hasn't met us yet, apparently.
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