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ext_129544: Heath Ledger (ledger :: grey)'s Journal

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absolutely fabulous, ace rimmer, activism, agnosticism, amr diab, amy goodman, amy's kitchen, angela davis, angelique kidjo, ani difranco, are you being served?, being mad sexy, being unmutual, björk, blistering barnacles, books, boys, british comedy, british sci-fi, brown rice, bruno eierund, bruno eyron, calvin klein, carl sagan, catherine spartacus-zeta-douglas-jones, chanticleer, cheb mami, chopin, chris barrie, cibo matto, cocteau twins, composing, cooking, couscous, dancing, david sedaris, debussy, dolmades, edith sitwell, emily dickinson, eva cassidy, expensive leaves, faudel, filliowned, greenpeace, grieg, guitar wolf, guys, hedningarna, his dark materials, hummus, huun-huur tu, imagine foods, jane goodall, jeddybob, joni mitchell, julia sawalha, justine henin, katherine neville, khaled, kpfa, learning languages, leftists, logic, love, macrobiotics, margaret cho, marine biology, matt gonzalez, miang kham, mythology, natacha atlas, nathan fillion, neverwhere, npr, number six, nusrat fateh ali khan, odwalla, parallel earth resources negligible, pbs, pern, playing alto saxophone, playing the flute, playing the guitar, playing the piano, political science, qawwali, raï, ralph nader, ravel, red dwarf, rice milk, sainkho namchylak, samosas, sawt el atlas, science, serenity, sex, shannara, simon tam, singing, swimming, taboule, takfarinas, the green party, the ocean, the onion, the prisoner, tintin, united future organization, vegetarianism, waiting for god, whole wheat, writing, えだ豆, おおたか静流, ここはグリーン・ウッド, しゃぶしゃぶ, そば, ほうじ茶, アニメ, 佐野瑞樹, 僕の地球を守って, 光x忍, 刺身, 吉田兄弟, 坂本真綾, 天ぷら, 寄せ鍋, 寿司, 平井堅, 平安隆, 忍x光, 手塚忍, 斉藤和義, 梅酒, 森久保祥太郎, 池田光, 漫画, 煎茶, 玄米茶, 玉露茶, 置鮎龍太郎, 金城武, 냉면, 비빔밥, 원빈, 자장면, 주진모, 황현준
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