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All About Nothing

Writings and such

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Couldn't say.

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80's cartoons, absinthe, alan moore, all about lily chou-chou, american gothic, angel, angela carter, batman, battlestar galactica, beatles, beck, being human, birthday letters, black books, blue beetle, booster gold, bronte sisters, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, camus, charles bukowski, charles dickens, chemical bros, cider, cocktails, coffee, comics, coupland, cute things, david attenborough, david bowie, david lynch, dcau, dcu, dead man, devil's dictionary, doctor who, edward gorey, edwin morgan, environmental issues, etgar keret, fable 2, fables, fanfiction, film, film scores, foo fighters, francesca woodman, fruit tea, fyodor dostoevsky, genfic, george mackay brown, gormenghast, graphic novels, gregory crewdson, guy kopski, harley quinn, harley/ivy, heather ale, hedgehogs, hermann hesse, iain banks, iain crichton smith, independent cinema, infernal love, iron maiden, johnny cash, johnny got his gun, joseph campbell, joy division, kittens, knut hamsun, leonard cohen, life after god, life of pi, looney tunes, magnus mills, mbs, mervyn peake, motown, music, mythology, nature documentries, neil young, new order, nick cave, nirvana, noam chomsky, norman macaig, octave mirbeau, oldies, oliver sacks, oscar wilde, pagan philosophy, pan's labyrinth, patrick mcgrath, paul auster, paul dini, pearl jam, philosophy, pj harvey, poetry, poison ivy, politics, portishead, puppies, radiohead, rasputina, reading, richard dawkins, robert graves, sharks, silent film, six feet under, sleeping, soundtracks, spaced, stephen king, steve bloom, stevie smith, sunsets, superheroes, superman, susan hill, sylvia plath, tao of pooh, tarot art, tea, ted hughes, terry pratchett, the maxx, the wire, tom waits, trumbo, twilight zone, twin peaks, vampires, victor hugo, vodka, wilfred owen, william blake, william gibson, wonder woman, world cinema, writing
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