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The Guildhouse in Mirlacca

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Birthdate:Aug 30
Location:United States of America
Writing fiction professionally since 1989: horror, fantasy, media tie-ins. Author of (to date) seventeen novels, half a dozen or so short stories, more plans, analyses, and technical papers than I care to count. Publisher of the Bloodstained Bookshelf, a list of new and forthcoming mysteries updated more-or-less monthly.

Military brat, have spent 90% of my life living and/or working on military bases. (View the military with, shall we say, a jaundiced eye as a result.) Currently retired (thank heavens) from a national laboratory. Recently moved back East, adjusting to culture, building barn. Currently have two horses (Morgans) (see barn, above), four cats. The cats own the place, the rest of us are mere decoration. Enrolled member of the Muskogee Nation, but about as urbanized as an Irish Indian born in Germany can get.
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