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ext_12342: Morgan and Reid from Criminal Minds (m/r deathstar)


Left in a basket on the steps of the FBI

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So what could you possibly want to know about me? I'm 32, in debt, and work in the accounting office of a Fortune 100 company. I write urban and epic fantasy on my own, and crime fiction with LJ user Severity_softly. I'm a Christian. I'm single and happy with that. I love to sing. I'll read just about anything, but I prefer fantasy and have a huge love for werewolves. No, it didn't start with Remus Lupin, but he's certainly a large part of it. I used to write Harry Potter slash fanfiction, which may be why you're here. You'll find all my HP fics in the Table of Contents post.

These days I'm writing exclusively in the CRIMINAL MINDS fandom and am a mod at LJ COMM MorganReid_cm, the Morgan/Reid shippers' comm, as well as LJ COMM SSA_Rossi, the fan community for David Rossi. I am also a co-mod of LJ COMM CM_Exchange, the Criminal Minds holiday gift exchange. 2008 is our first year for this, and we had a great turn-out for participation. My original OTP for CM was Morgan/Reid, but I confess, I multi-ship like crazy in this fandom, so as long as a ship doesn't have Gideon in it, there's a good chance I'll like it. I also co-write a lot of fic with Severity_Softly in this fandom, and our fics are posted at LJ COMM GeekyStudmuffin.

I cross-post at InsaneJournal and LiveJournal, and so far just read at Dreamwidth.

I'm a redhead, a writer, a vocalist, a size 10, a cynical dreamer. I am mildly hypoglycemic and suffer from classic migraine, but only if I eat stuff with oats in it. I love pens, especially fountain pens.

I have a sword and someday I'll know how to use it.

Interests (145):

, aaron hotchner, apologetics, bible, birds of prey, bono, boromir, british poetry, c.s. lewis, capt hook, castles, cats, charles de lint, chocolate, christianity, civil war, coldfire trilogy, criminal minds, criminal psychology, dark is rising, david rossi, dean winchester, depression, derek morgan, desert, due south, eileen prince snape, epic fantasy, ever-fixed mark, fae, faerie, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, firefly, flogging molly, fountain pens, full moon, god, gondor, gordon lightfoot, grammar whoring, harry potter, history, horses, hotch/morgan, hotch/rossi, hugh laurie, icons, indiana, inklings, ireland, irish, irish music, irish myth, jeremy camp, jesus christ, jolly r, journaling, king jas, lady of shalott, latin, letter writing, libraries, literary agents, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lupigrew, lyric poetry, matthew gray gubler, medieval warfare, middle earth, midwest, minas tirith, modern fantasy, montana, morgan/reid, nanowrimo, narnia, national parks, native america, nature, navy: ncis, nine inch nails, peter/remus, photography, pirate slash, pratchett, procrastinating, profiling, prolife, proofreading, publishing, reading, reid/morgan, religion, remus lupin, remus/peter, remus/severus, robin hobb, robin mckinley, rodeo, rohan, roleplaying, romantics, rossi/hotch, rossi/morgan, rum, sam winchester, serial killers, sidhe, singing, slytherin, snupin, southwest, spencer reid, staying up late, summer, supernatural, supernatural fiction, susan cooper, swords, tattoos, tennyson, the bible, the oxford english dictionary, the tawny man trilogy, thunderstorms, time management, tolkien, tornadoes, travel, trigun, u2, unresolved sexual tension, urban fantasy, vanquishing enemies, vicious moon, wales, weather, welsh, werewolves, will stanton, wolves, writing
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