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ext_115529: (draco by lillithium)

When All Is Said And All Is Done What Was Said Was Never Done

To Find Your Room Swimming In Blue And Green

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Birthdate:Nov 13, 1970
Location:Paris, France
I am a historian and I'm unable to remember anything. You wouldn't believe it. Ma mémoire est un acide. Je ne me souviens jamais de rien.

I was a New Wave girl and I am still. Kinda.

I'm into slash. I ship Harry/Draco in the HP fandom, with a touch of Ron/Draco and Snape/Draco. I also read rps in the Libertines fandom (Pete/Carl), and I used to ship Beecher/Keller in the Oz fandom.

I've recently developed an unhealthy obsession for Paul Smith from Maxïmo Park. And Ian Watkins from Lostprophets is hot. But anybody can tell you that.

I'm a lurker. I don't write fiction. I have enough to write for my work. But I hope to write one day a history of slash and fanfiction. Younger, I used to draw fanart. I haven't got the time anymore but maybe one day...

My first language is French. I read English fluently but I'm inclined to make mistakes when I write. Sorry in advance. I read German but don't ask me to write in this language. I promise, really.

I love the internet but I am a total jerk when it comes to codes and so on. Don't be surprised if strange signs sometimes appear on my pages.

I can stay a very long time without writing in this journal. Don't be mistaken. I'm here, in the hiding.
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