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I'm me.

Interests (150):

alyson hannigan, andy warhol, animals, anime, anthy himemiya, art, art supplies, beauty, being adored, being consequence-free, being myself, biting, blankets, bnl, boneless pink kitties, books, boston legal, canada, canadian music, cats, cherry coke, chocolate, colours, cover songs, creativity, cuddling, cyndi lauper, dead rockstars, dessert-like things, disney movies, douglas adams, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drew barrymore, eclecticism, eddie izzard, elephants, ellen degeneres, emily the strange, engrish, final fantasy, fire, firefly, fonts, francesca lia block's books, friends, fun, geekery, geekiness, ghosts, great big sea, h2g2, halloween, happy good-luck kitties, having exactly 150 interests, having my own library, hello kitty, house m.d., hufflepuff, hugs, imperfections, independent film, intelligence, janis joplin, japan, jayne's hats, jewelry, jim morrison, joss whedon, juliana hatfield, kisses, kittens, knowing things, lava lamps, mac/pc, magazines, making icons, mis, movies, music, my so-called life, naming the stars, napping, neil gaiman, night, obsessions, other people's scars, pansexuality, paranormal, pez witch, photographs, pizza, poetry, pom-poms, pretend, pretty things, purring, queer as folk, rain, randomness, reading, reading too much, retro, rocky horror, rufus wainwright, sailor moon, sandman, sanrio, sarcasm, satire, scooby doo, secrets, serenity, shiny objects, shoujo kakumei utena, sinfest, singing, sleeping, solitude, something positive, sparkles, squeezing purrs from kittens, stars, surrealism, swimming, tattoos, the 60s, the beatles, the fae, the moon, the wired, tigers, tigger, tori amos, transformation, twitter, utena/anthy, vampires, verbing nouns, webcomics, willow rosenberg, willow/oz, willow/tara, wings, wit, witch baby, witches, wolves, words, writing, writing implements
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