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ext_105913: (Pete Wentz: Stump Club)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jan 24
Website:josiemus_prime [lj]
It is I, josiemus_prime! MWAHAHAHA

umm, no.

okay, so this is me and dreamwidth and I'm here and all and yeah. more later, for now I'm just... ~anticipating~ this to start

Interests (40):

adultfiction, bert and gerard, bert mccracken, bob, comedy, comics, drawing, fall out boy, frank and gerard, frank iero, frerard, gerard, gerard and bert, gerard and frank, gerard and mikey, gerard way, gerbert, go to bed pete, jeph, jepha, jepha howard, mcr, mcr fan fiction, mikey and gerard, mikey way, my chemical romance, patrick stump, pete and patrick, pete wentz, placebo, quinn allman, ray, reading, singing, slash, sonny, the used, umbrella academy, waycest, writing
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