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ext_104931: Beauty And The Books (Beauty And The Books)

faith rockets through the universe

we too could be glorious

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Early twenties. Bisexual. Taken. History/Politics student. Loves to write, learn and be dorky. Also to get on with people and be a sap about friends. Will be shy, it is true. Created this journal to keep my options open, but will continue to post on LJ.

Fannish interests. Generation Kill. Band of Brothers. West Wing. NCIS. CSI: NY. Pundits and Politics. House. Firefly. Buffy. Pratchett and Gaiman. Lord of the Rings. Loves friendship, friends as family, well done kid fics. See also, Big Damn AU of Doom.

Interests (150):

aaron sorkin, abc tv, alison croggon, anderson cooper, angst, anthony stewart head, anti-censorship, au fic, australia, band of brothers, barack obama, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, circle of magic, cj cregg, crack au fic, cricket, crossover fanfic, csi: new york, damian lewis, david tennant, david wenham, delaunay, doctor horrible, doctor who, donna noble, drama, ella nixon-winters, eowyn, eowyn icons, ermnenitude/mau, ewan mcgregor, fandom, fanfiction, fanmix, fantasy, fingolfin, finrod, firefly, flobots, foyles war, friends as family, garth nix, geeking out, generation kill, giles, glbt rights, good omens, harry potter, harvey milk, heroes, heroes icons, historical au, historical slash, history, hockey, hornblower, house, house/wilson, hustle, intelligence, intelligent conversation, ioan gruffyd, it's a destiny thing, jack davenport, james d'arcy, jeremy clarkson, jk rowling, jon stewart, joss wheddon, joss whedon, keith olbermann, kennedy family, kushiels legacy, lemony snicket, letters, liberal politics, life, little britain, lord peter wimsey, lotr icons, love my friends, love my lj friends, mal reynolds, marcus brutus, martha jones, matthew reilly, melisande, mercedes lackey, moulin rouge, narnia, nation, ncis, neil gaiman, new york, norrington, oceans eleven, orlando bloom, patricia c wrede, patrick o'brian, patrick wilson, paul bettany, peter jackson, phantom of the opera, philippa boyens, pirates of the caribbean, plotting, poetry, political slash, politics, pow, pride and prejudice, princess bride, punditry, rachel maddow, radio national, reading, richard the lionheart, sam seaborn, sam vimes, scarlet pimpernel, science fiction, serenity, silmarillion, slash, sorcery and cecilia, sorkin penned 08 election, spooks, stephen colbert, strong women, swimming, tae-kwon-do, taking over the world, tamora pierce, team tardis, temeraire, terry pratchett, the bill, the colbert report, the daily show, the doctors daughter, the pundit round table, the tww family, the west wing, the_big_damn_modern_day_crossover_au_of_doom, top gear, torchwood, vetenari, will anderson, writing
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