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ext_98696: steampunk (Steampunk - keys)'s Journal

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Location:United States of America
Like a fine red wine, I am complex and delicious with an energy of intensity. I'm also a spunky mutant who has an opinion on everything; a tight embrace for my friends; a smartass remark for any who deserve it; and a very honorable, loving, nature. I have blazing red hair which cascades in waves down my back, stormy blue eyes, and a regal beak which provides my profile with a uniqueness I've grown to love. I'm also quite the Amazon in height (a little over 5'10") and even sometimes, in attitude. I protect the ones I love. If you're looking for friendship with a "Fellow Freak", then by all means inquire away! And although I can be straight forward and open in regards to what I want.....I am also extremely warm and kind. You treat me with respect, honesty and love and you shall have it returned to you 3-fold.
Enneagramically I'm a very healthy Type 2, with a strong 1 wing. I do possess a line to 8 which only comes out when I'm shooting back tequila. And a line to 4 which loves to peek out in glee when I'm visiting various necropoli on a misty Blood Moon night. ;-) But those remain fairly dormant until such circumstances arise.


EMO baiting and pissing vinegar contests by Drama Llamas on my journal shall be smacked with a cricket bat immediately and occasionally with whistling glee (" removing the head or destroying the brain."). I am respectful, but I refuse to kowtow to the trollz or the bratz.

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