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Over here from LJ as a result of stumbling upon someone's fanfic which was incidentally stored on this journaling website. On here and LJ, I'm your everyday fangirl with taboo fandom obsessions that include: incest, slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, kink, smut/pwp as well as more conventional stuff like au fic, fluff, hurt/comfort, fantasy, canon-ish stuff, etc. I love to read and I'm a bit anal about proper grammar and writing style, so I'm a little hard to please in that regard. I love to also write but because of my obscene laziness and lack of self-confidence in my own abilities, I don't do it much in fandom (not lately anyway). I have some old stuff posted on fanfiction dot net though, under the penname keisan. Same goes for my art posted on deviantart dot com. As an artistic person, I also possess the quality: procrastinator at heart. Thus I tend to read the most fic when I'm ridiculously busy and have stuff for school overdue. Oh, I am also a university student majoring in professional writing and minoring in visual arts. Pleased to meet you all! :)
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