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30 rock, ?style=mine, absolutely fabulous, aldis hodge, alias, angsting on the roof, arrested development, atheism, baseball, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, beer o'clock, bloomington, body pillows, bones, booth, bruno and boots, bsg, buffy, chash's mom, cheese, cheesy pasta bowls, chocolate, chuck club, chucks, coffee mizzle chizzles, coffee prince, cuddling, dancing, dogs, drunk ted, dwigt, escaflowne, family, farscape, feminism, firefly, fluffy pillows, fred astaire, friday night lights, garth nix, gfiwmbo, gordon korman, gossip girl, hanakimi, henry james, himym, hubbell, humphrey bogart, infinite jest, iwmbo, jane austen, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jensen ackles, jigsaw puzzles, jim calling pam 'beesly', jones soda, kate beaton, kate winslet, katee sackhoff, kdramas, kissing, lauren bacall, legen-wait for it-dary, leverage, libraries, life, liz lemon, logan echolls, lord of the rings, love, mad men, mandy moore, marlon brando, mary louise parker, maximum overdrive, men in eyeliner, mind grapes, mr. darcy, mulan, my dog satan, napping, nathan fillion, newman-o's, nodame cantabile, paul newman, peanut-butter chocolate-chunk granola bars, pride and prejudice, project runway, psych, pushing daisies, quitos, rachel mcadams, reading, robin sparkles, rugby mentality, rugby songs, ryan/taylor, sarah shahi, sarcasm, sark, scrabulous, seinfeld, sexxxing, shakespeare, she's the man, shoebox project, sign language, sing-alongs, singing, singing badly, skins, sleeping, sleeping all day, sleeping all night, sleeping in, sleeping some more, sleeping through alarms, sleeping through meals, snow, sports night, starbuck, stiwmbo, suit up!, supernatural, swarley, the bartimaeus trilogy, the big bang theory, the colts, the yankees, tim gunn, trees, turkey time, twee, veronica mars, volleyball, what happened to andre?, wild turkey, williams college, winchester, winter's tale, workout videos, young adult fiction
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