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Poll #8357 do book rec alghorithms work for you?
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Are the automated book rec algorithms on commercial or social book sites helpful for you?

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Yes, I frequently find new books to read, that I then like, through them.
0 (0.0%)

Yes, I've found good books more than once.
3 (12.5%)

Not really. Sometimes potentially interesting books may crop up, but they get lots in many meh or WTF? suggestions.
12 (50.0%)

Not really. The interesting books that come up are mostly ones I've already read or heard from so there is little added value.
5 (20.8%)

No, the suggestions never really fit.
3 (12.5%)

I don't try to find interesting books this way in the first place.
1 (4.2%)

I don't collaborate in getting data mined like this, and do not feed them my reading choices.
0 (0.0%)