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Poll #5584 rate your pets' cuddliness...
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How willing to cuddle is (are) your pet(s)?

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It is not the kind you cuddle (e.g. racing cockroaches or fish or the like).
1 (2.9%)

It won't tolerate petting or cuddling at all.
1 (2.9%)

It lets me pet it sometimes. If I'm lucky.
5 (14.3%)

I can bribe it with food to let itself be petted.
2 (5.7%)

If I force-cuddle it, it usually holds still and endures it.
4 (11.4%)

It voluntarily lets me cuddle and pet it for a short while, if I initiate.
7 (20.0%)

It sometimes voluntarily comes to me and initiates cuddling itself, but not for long.
9 (25.7%)

It initiates or even demands lengthy cuddles, but only on its own terms.
18 (51.4%)

My pet loves to cuddle at almost all times.
11 (31.4%)

It's not so much that it likes cuddles, as that it likes to sleep in a warm and soft spot that happens to be me.
16 (45.7%)

I dislike cuddling my pet, so this is avoided from my end, and I couldn't say what its preferences are.
0 (0.0%)