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When baking banana cake, the funnest part is:

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creaming 100grams butter with 150grams sugar
0 (0.0%)

mixing in 2 eggs and 3 mashed bananas
0 (0.0%)

mixing 1tsp baking soda into 2Tbsp boiling milk and watching it froth up like you're a mad scientist, mwahaha! then adding that to the mixture
2 (50.0%)

mixing in 200gram flour and 1tsp baking powder
0 (0.0%)

pouring into a tin and licking the bowl
1 (25.0%)

doing the dishes while it bakes at 180C / 350F for 30-40 minutes
0 (0.0%)

eating slices of the fluffiest banana cake ever made in the history of the entire world, hot out of the oven
2 (50.0%)

ticky box!
3 (75.0%)