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And just one more...

[personal profile] muccamukk -- Trying to decide to take an umbrella or not.
[personal profile] wickedwords -- Paying Bills
[personal profile] tripoli -- Looking for a postage stamp
[personal profile] gabbysilang -- starting a video rental store membership
[personal profile] minim_calibre -- Misplaced keys
[personal profile] mosca -- clipping toenails
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Buying toilet paper
[personal profile] cupcake_goth -- Window-shopping on Etsy.
[personal profile] genusshrike -- Choosing a movie rental
[personal profile] petra -- Neighbors having loud sex
[personal profile] sophiap -- Catching up on a backlog of administrivia at work
[personal profile] tevere -- buying food at 3am on the way home
[personal profile] chalcopyrite -- writing thank-you notes
[personal profile] haunted -- Ordering take-away because you haven't been grocery shopping yet
[personal profile] fatoudust -- filing
[personal profile] lea_hazel -- Too tired to eat/too hungry to sleep
[personal profile] alianora -- cooking breakfast/dinner
[personal profile] vehemently -- pruning the shrubbery. I mean the literal, outside green planty shrubbery.
[personal profile] starsandatoms -- Doing bills/filing taxes
[personal profile] heartsalliance -- Parallel parking
[personal profile] vacillating -- checking your lj/dw/twitter/facebook/greader/etc. several times in ten minutes because you're just that bored
[personal profile] trulybloom -- taking out the trash
[personal profile] wcynic -- assembling the shit you bought from IKEA
[personal profile] saekhwa -- dealing with a complete stranger who decides to make conversation with you (in line or at a restaurant, etc.)
[personal profile] jazzypom -- painting toenails.
[personal profile] executrix -- doing laundry
[personal profile] sistabro -- solitaire
[personal profile] sage -- someone goes into rehab
[personal profile] bessemerprocess -- baking bread
[identity profile] bayoumaharajah.livejournal.com -- Building Something
[personal profile] alwaysamy -- Front porch lightbulb burns out.
[personal profile] be_themoon -- Saturday morning
[personal profile] karmageddon -- shaving legs
[personal profile] echan -- scooping out the litter box
[personal profile] harpers_child -- trying to find candles when the electricity goes out
[personal profile] amaresu -- the cat is the alarm clock and doesn't understand weekends
[personal profile] florahart -- Attending a dinner party at which every single food item is/contains something from the very short list of foods one totally dislikes.
[personal profile] janice_lester -- a power cut
[personal profile] cj -- Skipping the squeaky stair, or the one that has a protruding nail.
[personal profile] thefourthvine -- Spending 15 minutes looking for your keys.
[personal profile] crossedwires -- buying carrots in bulk
[identity profile] allecto.livejournal.com -- washing dishes
[personal profile] furies -- can't find the matching shoe.
[personal profile] allchildren -- walking the dog (and picking up poop)
[personal profile] renne -- painting the house
[personal profile] jrho -- looking for a pencil to do the crossword puzzle
[personal profile] phosfate -- Microwaving leftovers
[personal profile] brownbetty -- wind is coming from the dump, and everythig smells like burning trash.
[personal profile] boosette -- stuck at the central travel location [airport/bus stop/train station/etc]
[personal profile] azephirin -- commuting
[personal profile] inkstone -- eating coconut
[personal profile] thistlerose -- lazing around
[personal profile] yeomanrand -- Celebrating Lughnasadh
[personal profile] elanurel -- calling tech support
[personal profile] ladygray99 -- local club/pub rugby/football
[personal profile] vae -- bedtime routine
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan -- Going to a concert
[personal profile] bewize -- Common Cold
[identity profile] ejectingthecore.livejournal.com -- chopping (anything)
[personal profile] annaalamode -- walking
[personal profile] sienamystic -- hitting the snooze button over and over
[personal profile] dagas_isa -- shaking raindrops off pine needles
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Buying fruit at a market
[personal profile] dira -- Taking off makeup or nail polish
[personal profile] benedict -- going to a concert
[personal profile] denyce -- haircut/trimmed
[personal profile] quivo -- Technology going on the fritz while you are using it
[personal profile] alexseanchai -- frequently-used-equipment malfunction
[personal profile] softestbullet -- being trapped for hours by a cat falling asleep on your lap
[personal profile] jaebility -- doing the crossword
[personal profile] megaptera -- Playing/working with animals
[personal profile] nan -- laughing so hard your stomach starts hurting
[personal profile] alicamel -- trying to cross a busy road
[personal profile] vensre -- eating junk food for breakfast.
[personal profile] paragraphs -- waiting on someone else trying to choose the beer
[personal profile] blue_fjords -- running out of an ingredient while making dinner
[personal profile] athenejen -- opened a window
[personal profile] locknkey -- preparing a meal
[personal profile] raven -- being the last person to get off the bus/train/other public transport
[personal profile] rabidsamfan -- smile from a stranger
[identity profile] stuffphile.livejournal.com -- Dishwasher fails to clean dishes properly
[personal profile] kleenexwoman -- Sleeping in an hour too late
[personal profile] horchata -- getting your hair braided