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And another!

[personal profile] muccamukk -- Foot falling asleep.
[personal profile] perkins -- Going through airport security
[personal profile] wickedwords -- Gardening
[personal profile] tripoli -- Having a spare key made
[personal profile] gabbysilang -- using a lint roller to get pet fur off your clothes
[personal profile] minim_calibre -- Have to change shirt after dribbling toothpaste on it in the morning
[personal profile] mosca -- making coffee
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Cleaning the toilet
[personal profile] cupcake_goth -- Where's my bus pass?!
[personal profile] anenko -- bug trauma (there's a spider! on my pillow! omg, help!)
[personal profile] genusshrike -- Leaky ceiling
[personal profile] petra -- Dealing with a new pet
[personal profile] sophiap -- Catching up on yardwork/gardening
[personal profile] tevere -- accidentally dropped mobile phone through gutter grating
[personal profile] chalcopyrite -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] haunted -- Getting caught in the rain with no coat/hood/umbrella
[personal profile] fatoudust -- fold laundry
[personal profile] lea_hazel -- Flummoxed by new appliance
[personal profile] alianora -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] vehemently -- mad, wild watchings of Jeopardy!!
[personal profile] starsandatoms -- Making Coffee
[personal profile] heartsalliance -- Cleaning out your inbox
[personal profile] vacillating -- the internet going down for a few minutes
[personal profile] trulybloom -- going for a walk
[personal profile] wcynic -- ironing (do people still iron these days?)
[personal profile] saekhwa -- losing your cell. phone
[personal profile] jazzypom -- brushing teeth
[personal profile] executrix -- buying [fuel] for the [vehicle] (car, spaceship, oxcart, etc.)
[personal profile] sistabro -- card games
[personal profile] sage -- grandparent dies
[personal profile] bessemerprocess -- making something (kniting, woodwork, crafting, etc)
[identity profile] bayoumaharajah.livejournal.com -- Walking the labyrinth
[personal profile] alwaysamy -- Actually putting the clean laundry AWAY.
[personal profile] be_themoon -- cooking
[personal profile] karmageddon -- changing diapers
[personal profile] echan -- assembling furniture from ikea
[personal profile] harpers_child -- looking for a new action figure
[personal profile] amaresu -- forgot the shopping list
[personal profile] florahart -- Previous user of shower used all the hot water.
[personal profile] janice_lester -- waiting at home for the delivery of a package
[personal profile] cj -- Feeding the woodstove.
[personal profile] thefourthvine -- Catching a cold.
[personal profile] crossedwires -- grooming the horse
[identity profile] allecto.livejournal.com -- Dinner and a movie
[personal profile] furies -- running out of hangers/closet space
[personal profile] allchildren -- trying to read and refold a map
[personal profile] renne -- the power goes out (can't find candles)
[personal profile] jrho -- boiling corn
[personal profile] phosfate -- Eating at Applebee's
[personal profile] brownbetty -- city has a boil water warning.
[personal profile] inkandchocolate -- lost dry cleaning ticket
[personal profile] boosette -- impromptu sports game
[personal profile] azephirin -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] inkstone -- putting up the mosquito netting
[personal profile] thistlerose -- knitting something
[personal profile] yeomanrand -- new haircut
[personal profile] elanurel -- a birthday party
[personal profile] ladygray99 -- County Fair/field days
[personal profile] vae -- feeding pets
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan -- Attending a sporting event
[personal profile] bewize -- Homework/Taking work home
[identity profile] ejectingthecore.livejournal.com -- cleaning something
[personal profile] derryderrydown -- Buying a new computer
[personal profile] milleniumrex -- first day of school
[personal profile] annaalamode -- homework
[personal profile] sienamystic -- trip to the farmer's market
[personal profile] dagas_isa -- walking in the park
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Reading in the shade
[personal profile] dira -- Allergies acting up
[personal profile] benedict -- Ordering food over the phone
[personal profile] denyce -- oil change/tune up on the car
[personal profile] quivo -- Gossipy phone call with an old/new friend
[personal profile] alexseanchai -- food storage malfunction
[personal profile] softestbullet -- pet staring at you and making mysterious plaintive noises
[personal profile] jaebility -- picking out books at the library
[personal profile] megaptera -- Preparing food
[personal profile] nan -- suffering through a cold
[personal profile] alicamel -- toddler who won't go down for a nap today even though you really need to clean the house/do some work/etc
[personal profile] vensre -- sending holiday cards.
[personal profile] paragraphs -- sorting laundry
[personal profile] blue_fjords -- missing a payment on a bill
[personal profile] athenejen -- blowing dandelion fluff off the stem
[personal profile] locknkey -- rough housing
[personal profile] raven -- napping in the middle of the day
[personal profile] rabidsamfan -- need a new lightbulb
[identity profile] stuffphile.livejournal.com -- Slamming your fingers in a car door
[personal profile] kleenexwoman -- Going to a baseball game
[personal profile] horchata -- writing an essay