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Suggest yet another mundane event here

[personal profile] muccamukk -- Dryer has eaten a sock.
[personal profile] perkins -- Doing laundry
[personal profile] wickedwords -- Hiking
[personal profile] tripoli -- Beer run
[personal profile] gabbysilang -- choosing the right wine/cheese combo at the supermarket
[personal profile] minim_calibre -- ATM card/credit stick eaten by machine/stops working
[personal profile] mosca -- filling out a Census form
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Reading the newspaper
[personal profile] cupcake_goth -- Trying to find where they set down/hid the To-Do list.
[personal profile] anenko -- walking the dog/cleaning cat litter/pet-specific activity
[personal profile] genusshrike -- Making custard
[personal profile] petra -- Overdue library books
[personal profile] sophiap -- Running out of coffee filters
[personal profile] tevere -- tripped over a hole in a the pavement
[personal profile] chalcopyrite -- separating whites and colours -- or not
[personal profile] haunted -- Boxing up stuff to move house
[personal profile] fatoudust -- get pulled over for expired registration tags
[personal profile] lea_hazel -- Down to your last, least favorite item of clothing (laundry day)
[personal profile] alianora -- brushing teeth
[personal profile] vehemently -- cleaning the house
[personal profile] starsandatoms -- Going to the Bank
[personal profile] heartsalliance -- Getting difficult stains out of furniture
[personal profile] vacillating -- noticing that something labelled 'flesh' is so far from your skin colour it's like the designer didn't know you exist
[personal profile] trulybloom -- eating a meal
[personal profile] wcynic -- returning library books
[personal profile] saekhwa -- trying to figure out what to make for dinner when you don't feel like going to the grocery store
[personal profile] jazzypom -- cleaning the toilet
[personal profile] executrix -- filling out tax returns
[personal profile] sistabro -- napping
[personal profile] sage -- burglary (foiled or successful)
[personal profile] bessemerprocess -- taxes
[identity profile] bayoumaharajah.livejournal.com -- Going to a local sports bar
[personal profile] alwaysamy -- All windows left open during big downpour.
[personal profile] be_themoon -- watching TV
[personal profile] karmageddon -- paying bills
[personal profile] echan -- painting the walls of a room
[personal profile] harpers_child -- hanging pictures/artwork on the wall
[personal profile] amaresu -- cleaning out the junk drawer
[personal profile] florahart -- Snails ate the front page of the newspaper.
[personal profile] janice_lester -- dealing with northern hemisphere folks who insist you can't possibly be having winter in June
[personal profile] cj -- Turning off one appliance so you can run another without tripping a breaker.
[personal profile] thefourthvine -- Bouncing a crying baby.
[personal profile] crossedwires -- forgetting items on the grocery list
[identity profile] allecto.livejournal.com -- Picnic in the park
[personal profile] furies -- song stuck in your head and you can't get it out
[personal profile] allchildren -- late night runs to the grocery store or 24 hour diner
[personal profile] renne -- burnt dinner, can't get fire alarm to stop
[personal profile] jrho -- posting to dw
[personal profile] phosfate -- Watching a DVD
[personal profile] brownbetty -- Airport insists you use their wheelchair, which is a piece of crap.
[personal profile] inkandchocolate -- bidding on eBay
[personal profile] boosette -- kitchen or cooking disasters
[personal profile] azephirin -- paying bills
[personal profile] inkstone -- buying seafood at the wharf
[personal profile] thistlerose -- hanging pictures
[personal profile] yeomanrand -- lost glasses
[personal profile] elanurel -- celebrating the seasonal holiday of choice
[personal profile] ladygray99 -- lambing season
[personal profile] vae -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan -- Lawn and Garden Care
[personal profile] bewize -- House repairs
[identity profile] ejectingthecore.livejournal.com -- bathing
[personal profile] derryderrydown -- Forgot to renew TV licence (somewhat UK specific)
[personal profile] milleniumrex -- painting a room
[personal profile] annaalamode -- brushing your hair
[personal profile] sienamystic -- late-night grocery run
[personal profile] dagas_isa -- drinking a cold beverage on a hot day
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Learning to cook something new
[personal profile] dira -- Headache that won't go away
[personal profile] benedict -- reading a book
[personal profile] denyce -- Going to the doctors/dentist
[personal profile] quivo -- Going to market and getting a great deal
[personal profile] alexseanchai -- transportation malfunction
[personal profile] softestbullet -- discovering it's [significant day] when the neighborhood erupts in cheers
[personal profile] jaebility -- winding the clocks
[personal profile] megaptera -- Repairs/handywork
[personal profile] nan -- sleeping late
[personal profile] alicamel -- buying a fan because the weather suddenly became too hot
[personal profile] vensre -- playing musical instruments together.
[personal profile] paragraphs -- picking up trash
[personal profile] blue_fjords -- organizing bookshelves or movie or music collections
[personal profile] athenejen -- singing in the shower
[personal profile] locknkey -- star gazing
[personal profile] raven -- lost favourite piece of jewellery
[personal profile] rabidsamfan -- trying to sleep in a strange place
[identity profile] stuffphile.livejournal.com -- Enduring the waiting room at your doctor/dentist/therapist's office,
[personal profile] kleenexwoman -- Discovering your houseplants have aphids
[personal profile] horchata -- writing thank-you cards