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Suggest another mundane event here

[personal profile] muccamukk -- Looking for jeans that fit.
[personal profile] perkins -- Taking the pet to the vet
[personal profile] wickedwords -- Seeing a Movie
[personal profile] tripoli -- Looking for someplace to make a U-turn
[personal profile] gabbysilang -- petting a neighborhood cat while it hangs out on the sidewalk
[personal profile] minim_calibre -- Gas tank or equivalent on empty
[personal profile] mosca -- running out of kitty litter
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Walking the dog
[personal profile] cupcake_goth -- Rearranging bookshelves.
[personal profile] anenko -- running out of [floss/toothpaste/deoderant/etc] unexpectedly
[personal profile] genusshrike -- Catching the bus
[personal profile] petra -- Public transportation is running late
[personal profile] sophiap -- Traffic woes due to construction or congestion
[personal profile] tevere -- directing a taxi to a friend's place you've never been to before
[personal profile] chalcopyrite -- difficulty getting a package delivered
[personal profile] haunted -- Putting up flat-pack furniture
[personal profile] fatoudust -- stand in line at the post office.
[personal profile] lea_hazel -- Suddenly noticing that something you thought was clean is dirty
[personal profile] alianora -- taking a walk
[personal profile] vehemently -- having a cold
[personal profile] starsandatoms -- Grocery shopping
[personal profile] heartsalliance -- Taking out the trash
[personal profile] vacillating -- looking at a pile of sorting out and not wanting to do it
[personal profile] trulybloom -- going to school
[personal profile] wcynic -- programming the dvr
[personal profile] saekhwa -- finding a mechanic to fix the piece of shit car you bought
[personal profile] jazzypom -- checking email on the pc
[personal profile] executrix -- cleaning the bathroom
[personal profile] sistabro -- gardening
[personal profile] sage -- house burns down
[personal profile] bessemerprocess -- paper work snafus
[identity profile] bayoumaharajah.livejournal.com -- Washing Clothes
[personal profile] alwaysamy -- What IS that growing in the fridge?
[personal profile] be_themoon -- driving
[personal profile] karmageddon -- commuting
[personal profile] echan -- cleaning the bathroom
[personal profile] harpers_child -- trying to decide where to eat dinner with a group
[personal profile] amaresu -- deciding whether or not you really need to change the lightbulb
[personal profile] florahart -- Whatever air-temperature-management system one uses is Not Working.
[personal profile] janice_lester -- trying to get to sleep because you know you've got to get up early
[personal profile] cj -- Plucking and/or gutting chickens.
[personal profile] thefourthvine -- Sitting on hold for a customer service representative.
[personal profile] crossedwires -- practicing playing piano (or other instrument)
[identity profile] allecto.livejournal.com -- Walking the dog
[personal profile] furies -- losing your keys
[personal profile] allchildren -- cooking
[personal profile] renne -- locked out of house / car
[personal profile] jrho -- recycling the newspaper
[personal profile] phosfate -- Laundry
[personal profile] brownbetty -- Have to stop and take a stone out of one's shoe
[personal profile] inkandchocolate -- wrong item received from online order
[personal profile] boosette -- new pet - sudden onset
[personal profile] azephirin -- housework
[personal profile] inkstone -- buying food at the wet market
[personal profile] thistlerose -- cleaning the bathroom
[personal profile] yeomanrand -- lost keys
[personal profile] elanurel -- baking chocolate chip cookies
[personal profile] ladygray99 -- Shearing season
[personal profile] vae -- waiting for the bus in the rain with no umbrella
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan -- Buying a new car
[personal profile] bewize -- Out of staple food/staple supply
[identity profile] ejectingthecore.livejournal.com -- making a morning drink
[personal profile] derryderrydown -- There's nothing watchable on telly.
[personal profile] milleniumrex -- road trip
[personal profile] annaalamode -- on the subway
[personal profile] sienamystic -- The meeting that just won't end
[personal profile] dagas_isa -- drinking a hot beverage on a cold day
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Learning to drive a motor vehicle
[personal profile] dira -- Already started cooking and an ingredient is missing
[personal profile] benedict -- gardening (this works best with Batman)
[personal profile] denyce -- Buying new clothes (underwear), and or shoes
[personal profile] quivo -- Dealing with a bug infestation
[personal profile] alexseanchai -- food prep malfunction
[personal profile] softestbullet -- seeing an acquaintence out and about and hiding so you don't have to make small talk
[personal profile] jaebility -- mending a hole in your pants/sock/shirt
[personal profile] megaptera -- Gardening
[personal profile] nan -- Getting up early to watch the sun rise
[personal profile] alicamel -- going to the corner shop for milk even through you haven't washed your hair and haven't put on proper clothes
[personal profile] vensre -- peeing outside.
[personal profile] paragraphs -- raking leaves, most of which came from neighbor's trees
[personal profile] blue_fjords -- walking the dogs
[personal profile] athenejen -- tripped on the curb
[personal profile] locknkey -- laundry
[personal profile] raven -- first day wearing new perfume
[personal profile] rabidsamfan -- cant find the matching sock
[identity profile] stuffphile.livejournal.com -- Utility company makes a mistake billing you
[personal profile] kleenexwoman -- Getting pulled over for speeding
[personal profile] horchata -- cleaning a fish tank