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Suggest a mundane event here

[personal profile] muccamukk -- Lost car keys
[personal profile] perkins -- Waiting for furniture delivery
[personal profile] wickedwords -- Grocery shopping
[personal profile] tripoli -- Finding a bug indoors and putting it back outside
[personal profile] gabbysilang -- accidentally sipping expired milk
[personal profile] minim_calibre -- Dropping the toothpaste cap
[personal profile] mosca -- changing the fire alarm battery
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Making dinner
[personal profile] cupcake_goth -- Wait in line at a coffee shop.
[personal profile] anenko -- breaking in new shoes
[personal profile] genusshrike -- Going to the comic store
[personal profile] petra -- Can't sleep for no particular reason
[personal profile] sophiap -- Searching for enough loose change to buy a soda, latte, etc.
[personal profile] tevere -- can't identify own shoes from the pile outside friend's front door
[personal profile] chalcopyrite -- can't find the car keys
[personal profile] haunted -- Making lists
[personal profile] fatoudust -- discover there is not enough x in the pantry to make y.
[personal profile] lea_hazel -- Wanting to hit on someone but not knowing if they swing that way
[personal profile] alianora -- going to walmart/target/large superstore of your choice
[personal profile] vehemently -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] starsandatoms -- Toothache/Wisdom Tooth Removal
[personal profile] heartsalliance -- Going to the bank
[personal profile] vacillating -- running out of toilet paper when the shops have just closed
[personal profile] trulybloom -- shopping for food
[personal profile] wcynic -- cleaning your hamster's cage
[personal profile] saekhwa -- killing the big scary bug that is in the bathroom when you're trying to take a shower
[personal profile] jazzypom -- washing the dishes
[personal profile] executrix -- grocery shopping
[personal profile] sistabro -- cookies
[personal profile] sage -- car accident
[personal profile] bessemerprocess -- first day of school
[identity profile] bayoumaharajah.livejournal.com -- Weeding
[personal profile] alwaysamy -- Cat won't come in at bedtime.
[personal profile] be_themoon -- at the park
[personal profile] karmageddon -- washing dishes
[personal profile] echan -- doing dishes
[personal profile] harpers_child -- setting up internet at new house
[personal profile] amaresu -- overdue library books
[personal profile] florahart -- Out of clean underwear.
[personal profile] janice_lester -- learning to touch-type
[personal profile] cj -- Moisturising in winter so your skin doesn't crack.
[personal profile] thefourthvine -- Waiting in line at the DMV for three hours.
[personal profile] crossedwires -- stuck in traffic
[identity profile] allecto.livejournal.com -- Getting the mail
[personal profile] furies -- cat has brought you a dead animal
[personal profile] allchildren -- marathoning television shows on dvd
[personal profile] renne -- taking out the rubbish
[personal profile] jrho -- returning a library book
[personal profile] phosfate -- Gassing up the car
[personal profile] brownbetty -- clothing goes through the wash with tissue in pocket.
[personal profile] inkandchocolate -- nothing on TV
[personal profile] boosette -- finals week
[personal profile] azephirin -- meal preparation
[personal profile] inkstone -- making tea
[personal profile] thistlerose -- making soup
[personal profile] yeomanrand -- Torn pants
[personal profile] elanurel -- mowing the lawn
[personal profile] ladygray99 -- making tamales (of which there are always too many)
[personal profile] vae -- cleaning the kitchen
[personal profile] elrhiarhodan -- Washing the dog/cat/rabbit/tarantula
[personal profile] bewize -- Toilet overflowing
[identity profile] ejectingthecore.livejournal.com -- the moments before guests arrive for a holiday or meal
[personal profile] derryderrydown -- Public transport is late/filthy/full of scary people
[personal profile] milleniumrex -- signing a cast
[personal profile] annaalamode -- breakfast
[personal profile] sienamystic -- Getting through an airport to your connecting flight
[personal profile] dagas_isa -- waiting for public transportation
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Start of a new season (summer, sping, harmattan, etc)
[personal profile] dira -- Having to get up earlier than usual
[personal profile] benedict -- playing a videogame together
[personal profile] denyce -- Laundry
[personal profile] quivo -- Bribing someone successfully
[personal profile] alexseanchai -- plumbing malfunction
[personal profile] softestbullet -- putting off laundry so long all you have left is old/ill-fitting/fancy
[personal profile] jaebility -- waiting for the train/bus to arrive
[personal profile] megaptera -- House cleaning
[personal profile] nan -- dealing with tangled hair
[personal profile] alicamel -- clearing a paper jam in the printer
[personal profile] vensre -- spring or end-of-the-year cleaning.
[personal profile] paragraphs -- cleaning out the gutters
[personal profile] blue_fjords -- cleaning the toilet bowl
[personal profile] athenejen -- late to work
[personal profile] locknkey -- clothes sharing/borrowing
[personal profile] raven -- Ordering 500kg instead of 500g of onions online, or other similar mishap
[personal profile] rabidsamfan -- taking damage from overcomplicated packaging
[identity profile] stuffphile.livejournal.com -- Favourite TV programme unexpectedly not shown that week
[personal profile] kleenexwoman -- Cleaning up cat puke
[personal profile] horchata -- watering plants