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If "other", which one?

[personal profile] red_trillium -- I use Gmail's chat. I wasn't sure if that was the same as Google Talk???
[personal profile] bob -- irc
[personal profile] unnique -- I want to qualify this one and say that I use all three (AIM, Gtalk and jabber) equally much.
[personal profile] therienne -- IRC
[personal profile] ariestess -- I use AIM and Yahoo equally
[personal profile] xenacryst -- IRC
[personal profile] dee -- Hard to say! I use Adium (multi-chat client for OS X), so who contacts me on what service is mostly "invisible" to me.
[personal profile] opusculus -- Irc
[personal profile] emceeaich -- IRC
[personal profile] eruthros -- I use a multi-protocol IM client. Probably I'm most frequently talking to people on gtalk/ljtalk
[personal profile] turlough -- see above
[personal profile] pauamma -- IRC
[personal profile] dglenn -- IRC
[personal profile] starlady -- gchat
[personal profile] ursula -- I don't know, they're all integrated with Pidgin
[personal profile] effex -- Pidgin for all of the above. GoogleTalk is probably used the most, but it's harder to keep track.
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Digsby
[personal profile] elena -- Workplace-wide Messenger branded thingy
[personal profile] sky -- Trillian Astra (this is a separate network, not just a program)
[personal profile] sharpest_asp -- gmail chat program
[personal profile] kyrielle -- All: I log in via Trillian, all at once. I do use Windows Live more at work but that's because that's all my company uses, and it's a separate account.
[personal profile] bibliofile -- I hardly ever use any of them.
[personal profile] leviathan0999 -- As I use Pidgin, I don't really differentiate which service I'm using. At a guess, I'd say mostof the folks I IM with use YIM with AIM a close second.
[personal profile] stealthily -- fb... even though i try to pesuade them to change
[personal profile] xtina -- See above.
[personal profile] weofodthignen -- IRC
[personal profile] miss_s_b -- Twitter
[personal profile] lydiabell -- IRC
[personal profile] groovekittie -- pidgin
[personal profile] gopherheiyuki -- Google Chat
[personal profile] blue_cat -- Twitter
[personal profile] maize -- Twitter
[personal profile] rhialto -- irc
[personal profile] wombat -- IRC
[personal profile] caorann -- Twitter
[personal profile] egret -- don't really want Google Talk integrated with DW either. Integrate Yahoo!
[personal profile] manifesta -- Facebook
[personal profile] slybrarian -- IRC
[personal profile] ruisseau -- Gmail Chat
[personal profile] ghoti -- I have AIM/Gtalk running in the same client, so I use them interchangably.
[personal profile] xyndarella -- MSN but I run AIM, GTalk, Yahoo and ICQ
[personal profile] cxcvi -- IRC
[personal profile] kudilu -- don't use any very often, but Facebook and MSN more than others.
[personal profile] explorer0713 -- none. Tried a couple. Hated the thoroughly. Never went back.
[personal profile] jennyaxe -- LysKOM
[personal profile] moniqueleigh -- when using Pidgin, I don't actually notice which service I'm using
[personal profile] tenkuu -- Gmail Chat
[personal profile] watervole -- None
[personal profile] nishatalitha -- Triillian
[personal profile] nikon -- I use Pidgin, so I use them all
[personal profile] caltastic -- Qualification: GTalk only wins because I can access it from work, though I do have AIM integrated there. I use Meebo and Beejive at home, which allows me to connect to everything at once.
[personal profile] solitaryjane -- Gmail chat
[personal profile] gothgeekgirl -- I use a multiprotocol client, so am not really sure. It varies depending on who's online.
[personal profile] zornerrox -- Steam
[personal profile] randomramblings -- iChat
[personal profile] chaneen -- I'm signed into AIM through Google Talk, so both are equally used.
[personal profile] aloru -- Pidgin
[personal profile] ahmik -- Twitter
[personal profile] veleda_k -- steam
[personal profile] bunny_m -- Pidgin
[personal profile] replacementparts -- (Google and AIM via google)
[personal profile] feymeggan -- trillian
[personal profile] keieeeye -- private messages and email
[personal profile] snow -- IRC
[personal profile] pthalo -- sip
[personal profile] graphophobia -- IRC
[personal profile] judas_river -- IRC