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If 'other', which ones?

[personal profile] shamus -- Facebook
[personal profile] slashfairy -- facebook IM
[personal profile] haunted -- Facebook's IM service
[personal profile] naraht -- IRC
[personal profile] red_trillium -- I use Gmail's chat. I wasn't sure if that was the same as Google Talk???
[personal profile] bob -- irc
[personal profile] cesy -- Office Communicator for work
[personal profile] azurelunatic -- Does Twitter count?
[personal profile] therienne -- IRC
[personal profile] invisionary -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] boosette -- IRC
[personal profile] xenacryst -- IRC (I know, I know)
[personal profile] annalee -- Facebook's awful chat client that is awful.
[personal profile] opusculus -- Irc
[personal profile] florahart -- meebo
[personal profile] emceeaich -- IRC
[personal profile] triadruid -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] liv -- IRC, Facebook's evil IM system, OKCupid similar
[personal profile] kate -- web-based IRC (mibbit)
[personal profile] zvi -- irc, Google Wave
[personal profile] scribblesinink -- Both AIM and YM are accessed using Trillian
[personal profile] turlough -- I *never* use instant messengers or any other realtime comm service
[personal profile] cpm -- Facebook
[personal profile] pauamma -- IRC
[personal profile] dglenn -- none _regularly_, but IRC when I use one at all
[personal profile] allen -- IRC
[personal profile] starlady -- gchat
[personal profile] ursula -- Facebook chat
[personal profile] existence -- IRC
[personal profile] yourlibrarian -- None, I'm rarely on IM.
[personal profile] ilyat -- IRC
[personal profile] killing_rose -- meebo
[personal profile] shadowwolf13 -- Facebook
[personal profile] jumpuphigh -- Digsby
[personal profile] elena -- Workplace-wide Messenger branded thingy
[personal profile] agalinis -- I use Pidgin to run all my IM programs at once, but AIM and YIM are the most active ones.
[personal profile] sky -- Trillian Astra
[personal profile] temaris -- meebo
[personal profile] rww -- IRC
[personal profile] sharpest_asp -- gmail chat program
[personal profile] adric -- Jabber (work), OCS (work)
[personal profile] eagle -- Zephyr, private chatservers
[personal profile] msilverstar -- my IM app does pretty much everything so I just connect
[personal profile] syderia -- IRC
[personal profile] mizubyte -- Trillian (which I guess is more a client than service?); Twitter, Facebook chat
[personal profile] bibliofile -- Facebook's chat
[personal profile] ghost_lingering -- ichat (w/ AIM login)
[personal profile] oconel -- Empathy
[personal profile] exor674 -- Facebook chat ( over Jabber, but )
[personal profile] stealthily -- Facebook chat... horrid but only way to talk to some ppl
[personal profile] xtina -- I use both Gtalk and AIM in Gmail, so the chats are logged.
[personal profile] athenejen -- Facebook, IRC
[personal profile] weofodthignen -- IRC
[personal profile] scribbled_lore -- Meebo; I access all of my regular messenger services via Meebo including the messenger service for Facebook.
[personal profile] miss_s_b -- Twitter
[personal profile] beccastareyes -- IRC Chatrooms
[personal profile] lydiabell -- IRC, Twitter
[personal profile] gopherheiyuki -- Google Chat, Facebook
[personal profile] blue_cat -- Twitter
[personal profile] cmshaw -- IRC
[personal profile] mad -- Twitter, if that counts.
[personal profile] maize -- Facebook Chat, Twitter
[personal profile] owl -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] quoththeravyn -- IRC
[personal profile] nextian -- IRC
[personal profile] mojitochica -- facebook
[personal profile] wandering -- mIRC, twitter, facebook online chat
[personal profile] in_media_res -- I do not regularly use instant messager/realtime communication services.
[personal profile] epporsimuove -- Facebook
[personal profile] rhialto -- irc
[personal profile] peoppenheimer -- IRC
[personal profile] acid -- Pidgin with the above protocols (aim/gtalk/icq/jabber/lj/msn/y!m)
[personal profile] eleanorjane -- Twitter
[personal profile] wombat -- IRC
[personal profile] caorann -- Twitter
[personal profile] acb -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] confliction -- Trillian
[personal profile] egret -- Facebook, tho DO NOT WANT DW integration with FB!!
[personal profile] manifesta -- Facebook
[personal profile] callie -- Facebook Chat, if that counts
[personal profile] metawidget -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] slybrarian -- IRC
[personal profile] ruisseau -- Gmail Chat
[personal profile] drgaellon -- MySpace, Twitter
[personal profile] accodion -- IRC (internet relay chat. Infinite servers with infinite chat rooms therein)
[personal profile] giglet -- IRC
[personal profile] jackalibis -- Meebo
[personal profile] xyndarella -- Pidgin - combines multimessengers into one
[personal profile] cxcvi -- IRC
[personal profile] kudilu -- Facebook
[personal profile] ursamajor -- Facebook Chat, but only for people who aren't on other chat mediums
[personal profile] ardhra -- Facebook chat
[personal profile] genuphobia -- Steam
[personal profile] explorer0713 -- none. Waste of time and effort for me
[personal profile] jennyaxe -- LysKOM (http://www.lysator.liu.se/lyskom/index-en.html)
[personal profile] perfica -- iChat
[personal profile] tzipwich -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] pamacii -- QQ and IRC
[personal profile] moniqueleigh -- Pidgin -- I don't generally even notice which one of the above I'm actually using
[personal profile] tenkuu -- Gmail Chat
[personal profile] watervole -- None
[personal profile] nishatalitha -- Trillian
[personal profile] samvara -- AOL
[personal profile] twotone -- IRC
[personal profile] darthbitsy -- Facebook Chat
[personal profile] solitaryjane -- Gmail Chat
[personal profile] magid -- Facebook chat
[personal profile] moonpuppy61 -- chat function in facebook
[personal profile] gothgeekgirl -- IRC
[personal profile] skruffy -- Meebo
[personal profile] zornerrox -- Steam
[personal profile] noxie -- Plurk
[personal profile] randomramblings -- iChat
[personal profile] aloru -- Pidgin
[personal profile] illariy -- .mac accounts (iChat) but I think they share sth. with AIM? IDK
[personal profile] ahmik -- Twitter, Identi.ca
[identity profile] dru-evilista.livejournal.com -- IMVU
[personal profile] ouri -- Trillian Astra
[personal profile] veleda_k -- steam
[personal profile] hidders -- Facebook
[personal profile] bunny_m -- Ventrilo, Pidgin
[personal profile] feymeggan -- trillian
[personal profile] keieeeye -- private messages in WoW and email (yes I use email as a real time chat system!) I also use twitter for chat sometimes but don't have it open often anymore
[personal profile] snow -- IRC
[personal profile] thorfinn -- Mobile Me chat, Facebook chat (via Jabber)
[personal profile] pthalo -- sip (i use it with linphone, but with a sip account you can use any program that supports it)
[personal profile] graphophobia -- IRC
[personal profile] sarianna -- Bonjour
[personal profile] judas_river -- IRC