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Poll #3118 where did that ravelled sleeve go
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When I have insomnia, I:

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can't get to sleep for HOURS OH WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME
19 (95.0%)

fall asleep ok but then wake up during the night THE BLANKNESS OF MY CEILING TORMENTS ME
7 (35.0%)

sleep just fine except for how I wake up TOO EARLY BEFORE THE ALARM AUGH IS 6AM NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU BRAIN
5 (25.0%)

have some other horrible form of insomnia which you have INSENSITIVELY IGNORED AS THOUGH THE EXHAUSTION WASN'T ENOUGH
3 (15.0%)

actually don't have insomnia, I just like to laugh at you pitiful creatures
0 (0.0%)

6 (30.0%)